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[img]http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20081026160427/cybernations/images/thumb/f/f9/24fwhzn.jpg/200px-24fwhzn.jpg[/img] [img]http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20100806023204/cybernations/images/thumb/1/1e/LegacyFlag.png/200px-LegacyFlag.png[/img]


Section I. Bros before Ho's
Legacy and The Templar Knights agree to not start any aggressive wars against each other. any roguery will be reported and handled in a diplomatic way

Section II. Lets share good the good stuff
Both The Templar Knights and Legacy agree to share any knowledge with each other that they deem the other has a right to be privy to.

Section III. passing the bones
Both alliances will partake in alliance wide tech deals with one another as well as aiding the other in times of financial need or if aid is requested.

Section IV. If ya get caught by the baby mama!
Legacy and The Templar Knights both agree to start rolling together and acknowledge that there be haters out there and reserve the right to back anotha gansta up if need be.

Section V. Gin and Juice
More over both alliances agree that everybody needs love and will partake in regular glasses of Gin, ho's, and hookahs and the like to show their down for each other.

Section VI. Woah back it up!
should either alliance feel that they no longer wish to partake in this treaty then they may give the other signatory their reason for leaving and 72 hours head notice.

Signed for TTK.

Grand Master:
Wiccan High Priest


Marshal of Internal Affairs:

Marshal of Defense:

Elder Councilors:
General Abe
Jimmy Chang

Signed for Legacy:

Sarmatian Empire, Lord
Wappas, Regent

Edited by wiccan high priest
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For posterity's sake;

[23:14] <&Gibsonator21> good !@#$ wiccan[TTK]
[23:14] <&Gibsonator21> lack of flags though :P
[23:15] <%Sarmatian[Legacy]> http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=100497
[23:15] <%wiccan[TTK]> I'm not as cool as Cyphon is
[23:15] <&Gibsonator21> xD
[23:18] <%Cyphon[TTK]> That is going in my sig
[23:18] <&Gibsonator21> hehe

You heard it here first folks.

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[quote name='Sarmatian Empire' timestamp='1301523412' post='2680912']
No flags! No lotto! NO TAKE MY SIG OFF THIS THING.

Hail TTK and Legacy

Sarm no post, Sarm no give cake

Always knew you were cheap, that why there's no flags, you wouldn't but down the deposit.

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[quote name='gambona' timestamp='1301524230' post='2680922']
Congrats to two great alliances.

How much tech would we have to pay TTK to get the Nuke Cyphon part added to our treaty? Also, is the nuking just once, or once per day?

It is a free addition, and nuking are as needed.

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To be fair, Asgaard would be ahead of Legacy in the queue. Sucks to be you Sarm.

But there are literally three threads on our forums asking people to fight/nuke me. So I had better set up some sort of rope line.

Edited by Cyphon88
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