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I, Krunk, will knock you all down!

Krunk the Great

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[i]Clothed in the national military uniform, Emperor Krunk "the Great" Isbaddyn [/i][i]steps up to the podum[/i]. [i]A projector displays images behind him onto an expensive bedsheet taped to an aluminum frame as he speaks.[/i]

Distinguished Emperor Heft, Lords of the New Sith Order, Masters of the Sith Councils, Citizens of Morgoth and Distinguished viewers at home and abroad:

It is with great pride that I stand today at the height of Sith Glory. Several years ago, a select few great nations banded together to form the greatest political alliance known to the history of our great people. We have been through many trials and ordeals, some against a foe that would see our pact dissolved. As the great Garland would say, "I will knock you all down!" but they failed, and the Four Warriors of Light, Viktor, Corinan, Doppelganger, and Moldavi, prevailed and today stand as the cornerstone four white-mage party that we all know and love. People said our four white-mage party was impossible, that our dps would never allow us to achieve victory. As you can plainly see, they were wrong.


Although we may have been called spoony and our lineage called into question and said to be certain nautical ships, we perservered!


And the battle cry of our foes?

At times we have been misunderstood gravely

And at times we have had REALLY dense allies

We've even helped to save the world from crazy men

Men who were the craziest of all time

And even help our allies who was sick

All in all it has been a great run and the nation of Morgoth looks forward to 1,000 more periods of time that some scientists have called days in our existance, even through the nation name switch-over of a few christmases ago. I would like to dedicate this to Morgoth's first octo-mom in our history

I would also like to thank our nations artists for painting the pictures you have seen behind me detailing our great pact's history.
Thank you and God Bless you All, God Bless Morgoth.

[i]Raucous applause, Exit Heft, the Sith Lords, and the Sith Masters as Krunk sees them each off with a handshake and ceremonial bow. Then exit Krunk.[/i]

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[quote name='Krunk the Great' timestamp='1301514387' post='2680820']
and the Four Warriors of Light, [b]Viktor, Corinan, Doppelganger[/b], and Moldavi

In [b]bold[/b] = all the same person.

So the two Warriors of Light?

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[quote name='Corinan' timestamp='1301541630' post='2681137']
Every time you create a topic I consider throwing my computer out the window. I didn't authorize you to use my name in this crap, either.


When will you understand Im just not in to you?

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[quote name='Adrian LaCroix' timestamp='1301587921' post='2681448']
I'm 12 and what is this?

A thread

[quote name='jammar' timestamp='1301588202' post='2681450']
Krunk, when do you plan to coup NSO?


[quote name='William Bonney' timestamp='1301588534' post='2681453']
Can I have my 2 minutes back? :mad:


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