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First Annual Cherry Blossom Invitational


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I know that you are all going through CN World Cup withdrawl so we will look to fill that void for you! In January, I took it upon myself to approach 8 select teams from the previous tournament to see if they would like to participate in an invitation only competition and the following teams have accepted the invitation:

O'Samurai United (Host) (Confirmed)
[s]Tigris Atalcia (Reigning CN WC Champions)[/s] did not confirm
Complaints Albion (Confirmed)
FC Paradoxia (Confirmed)
MK Dons (Confirmed)
Partytowne Town (Confirmed)
CSKA Francograd (Confirmed)
[s]Juventus TOOLino[/s] Withdrawn
Heart of Midichlorian (confirmed)
AFC Tetris (confirmed)

If any team would like to back out, please contact me in private. If any team would like to get on the waiting list, contact me and I will replace drop outs on a first come first serve basis. New teams are welcome if slots open up. If any team does not confirm their entry by April 22nd, they will be replaced with teams on the waiting list.

The Ronin forums will be used as a home base for this tournament: https://cn-ronin.com/forums/index.php?board=43.0

The Schedule (dates subject to change) will be as follows:

[s]Invitation Confirmation Due: April 22[/s]
[s]Group Draw: May 6[/s]
Rosters Due: May 20
Tournament OWF Topic: June 7
Friendlies: June 11/12
Group Stage: June 15/16, 22/23, 29/30
Semi Finals: July 9
Finals: July 16

Every team will get 4 games at least (1 friendly and 3 group stage games.) We are considering tech prizes for the Golden Boot, Best Manager, Goal of the Tourney and Tournament winner but those prizes are yet to be determined.

We hope you will enjoy this presentation and root for your favorite team. As more details become available I will release them.

IRC Channel: #cherryblossom

[b] Group A[/b]
[*]O'Samurai United
[*]FC Paradoxia
[*]Complaints Albion
[*]Hearts of Midochlorian

[b] Group B[/b]
[*]AFC Tetris
[*]Partytowne Town
[*]CSKA Francograd
[*]MK Dons


O'Samurai United v White City United
MK Dons v CSKA Francograd
AFC Tetris v Real Amaranth
FC Paradoxia v OMFG
Hearts of Midochlorian v The Lion Kings
Complaints Albion v Vassal State FC

[b]Match Day 1:[/b]
O'Samurai United v Hearts of Midochlorian
FC Paradoxia v Complaints Albion
AFC Tetris v MK Dons
Partytowne Town v CSKA Francograd

[b]Match Day 2:[/b]
O'samurai United v Complaints Albion
Hearts of Midochlorian v FC Paradoxia
AFC Tetris v CSKA Francograd
Partytowne Town v MK Dons

[b]Match Day 3:[/b]
O'Samurai United v FC Paradoxia
Hearts of Midochlorian v Complaints Albion
AFC Tetris v Partytowne Town
CSKA Francograd v MK Dons

[b]Semi Finals[/b]
A1 v B2
B1 v A2

[b]3rd Place Game[/b]
L1 v L2

[b]Championship Game[/b]
W1 v W2

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[quote name='Rush Sykes' timestamp='1301512486' post='2680796']
As manager of Complaints Albion, I am OUTRAGED... outraged Mr AirMe sir, that I was not contacted about this, yet we seem to have accepted! THIS SLIGHT ON MY CHARACTER WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!...

Also, see you on the pitch.

T'was accepted by rsox your lord and savior.

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Everyone has been added to the waiting list. If teams don't confirm their invitation or drop out, I will add you to the active list of participants. I think we are going to keep this as a small intimate affair right now because we have a time frame we need to keep things in. That being said, you guys could always host your own tourney's. ;)

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[quote name='Feanor Noldorin' timestamp='1301604284' post='2681607']
As the invitation for FC Paradoxian been accepted? If not I'll go bother our coach.

Your acknowledgment of the invitation is enough. :P So get cracking.

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