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Another announcement from your short mustache wearing friends


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[size="6"]An official announcement[/size]
[size="7"]The Carlos Accords®[/size][/center]

By a consensus decision, the midgets of Carlos have decided to adopt [url=http://www.weebls-stuff.com/songs/Moustaches/]this[/url] as the official The Carlos Accords®. With this anthem playing as we promote mustaches all throughout the world, we cannot fail!

As always, have a mustachey day.

[i]The Midgets[/i]

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[quote name='MechRabbit' timestamp='1301375525' post='2679708']
Looks gay, suits you guys.

Listen, I'm sorry that your mustache came in all patchy and trashy looking.

But a mustache is not something we just joke about, it is a way of life and it adds meaning to our life. Don't be going and disrespecting that.

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