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Building an Affluent TC


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Building a long term Affluent TC:

Cattle - Lord6Dread
Fish - Lord6Dread
Coal - Drall
Sugar - Drall
Fur - ToughBerry
Gems - ToughBerry
Wine - Prydri
Gold - JonathanDP81
Pig - JonathanDP81
Silver - Caryne
Spice - Caryne
Wildcard - Prydri

Great money maker! Purple is preferred, but that can be negotiated.

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Thanks Kusnir - We can definitely use the silver, but we're *trying* for Uranium as the wild card. Main goal is to get this circle done, so stay in touch.

[quote name='Dibbun' timestamp='1301991604' post='2684556']
I messaged a few Red nations who have needed resources.

If we can't find someone with spices I'd be fine with doing wheat instead.

Huh....+8% citizens with wheat (even tho you lose the +4 happiness w/ spices & fast food)...I'd be down with that.

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