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[size="6"][b]Sanitarium celebrates a birthday[/b][/size][/center]

Today marks one year since the formation of Sanitarium. Our one year may seem like nothing in a time when alliances are celebrating five years of existence, however we feel that it is an important milestone none the less. When I look back to this time a year ago, the first year has not been anything close to what I expected, but thats certainly not a bad thing. We've had our share of ups and downs, of success and failure, and of joy and despair. We may not be large or influential, but we never intended to, and undoubtedly we've had fun.

I'd like to give a special thanks our members, current (ryankliber, Evelance, mggreg, The MVP and StarAdder) and past (My Name is Romance, Medix, Razorade, markuskus, karmaimps, caseyb and Herr Schmidt) who took a bold stand to join such a small alliance and ride out my numerous ups and downs.

I'd also like to thank TPF (and specifically Judge X, chaz9055, and TCK). While everybody in TPF may be old, your friendship is worth having to repeat everything twice. I'd also like to thank our other friends and allies, this past year wouldn't have been nearly as friendly without such great people to work with.

Finally, I'd like to give a special shout out to Rebel Virginia, who in our DoE had the pleasure to say:

[quote name='Rebel Virginia' timestamp='1269888060' post='2240152']
[color="#0000FF"]You're the same as every other newly formed alliance. I look forward to your disbanding.[/color]

Not quite yet, I suppose.

And so, as we celebrate our first year, I look forward to what the future may bring us.

o/ Sanitarium
o/ Metallica

memoryproblems, [i]Premier[/i]

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[quote name='commander thrawn' timestamp='1301375256' post='2679702']
Congrats on a year, but perhaps mere survival isn't the most impressive goal.

Survival was never a goal, it just kind of happened.

Our goals have been from the start to have a good time and enjoy where we are and who we're around.

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[quote name='New Frontier' timestamp='1301372411' post='2679678']
The pathetic thing is that you're probably still one of the twenty best alliances on your side.

Ugh I hate when you're right :v:

I always mix you up with WarriorConcepts old alliance. Meh.

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[quote name='Carrick' timestamp='1301380348' post='2679758']
Haven't three of your members deleted this war? Or am I confusing you with 64Digits again?
It would be an understandable mistake, the similarities are striking.

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[color="#0000FF"]I see you feel the need to call me out over some comment I said a year ago. A comment so insignificant for me that it is pretty much standard, but you seem to have taken it to heart.

So, what are we celebrating here? That you have existing for a year? Well, la de da. Countless alliances have done that. It really isn't much of an accomplishment existing for a year. Now, actually accomplishing something in that year is something that is a little more difficult. GOONS has existed for a year (two actually, but that's irrelevant). In their first year they made a huge impact, and were highly relevant. NSO, also existing for two years, made an impact in its first year. You can debate how successful NSO has been (we've been rolled several times), but like GOONS, NSO is a memorable alliance. It is a well known alliance, and it being around has mattered.

But let's move past that. Let's thing something more simple. Has your alliance grown? At all? You have eight members, none of whom have a real presense in the world. I know you don't recruit, but neither does CoJ. Yet CoJ (also two years old now) in its first year still made more of an impact than your alliance has. CoJ has initiated things. I know they aren't popular, but they're a great example of how a micro cannot be a terrible alliance.

Let's look at Asgaard (also older than a year, I know), who did nothing but grow for this first few years. They've become a large alliance, and although quiet, are fairly relevant.

Bah. Enough with examples. I'll just say it now. Your alliance has done nothing in a year and adds nothing to the world. It is a waste of space. So what if you have managed to keep going? All that you are celebrating is your determination to continue your failure to launch. Most, after seeing absolutely no success in a year, would figure it is time to give up and try something different. But you, you celebrate the fact you've done nothing.

I have no idea what I'm saying, it's late after all and I should be sleeping, but it is all true.

You're another 64Digits. That is nothing to be proud of. I'd say you'd disband, but I'm not sure you're smart enough to.

Also, I never said you'd disband. I just said I hope you did. I still do.[/color]

Edited by Rebel Virginia
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