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Recently, around a month ago, I had a tech deal with XRCatD and he had sent me 3M in accordance with standard practice. I use an iPhone to login while at work, during the day. Apparently so does he. We both live in different states, I, in Maryland, he, in New Jersey. I am wondering, do mobile devices such as iPhones use the same network as detected by the gaming staff?

The deal was canceled as 'Canceled, Same Network' and was curious about whether or not smart phone/mobile users are classified as the same IP?

I am interested in what others think, in regards to this matter. Thanks in advance to any replies.


EDIT: XRCatD told me to fix his name.

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My Blackeberry storms IP is unique to the phone, I believe. I assume iPhones is the same?

Never tried logging into CN with it though, I tend to have better things to do with my time than have this game linked to my hip wherever I go. :P

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You shouldn't have had the same IP. I dunno if the provider gave you both the same IPv4 adress or not.

If that's the case this wouldn't be a problem in the future since we're about to go over to IPv6 which will give us a lot more IPs. (340 282 366 920 938 463 463 374 607 431 768 211 456 unique adresses FYI against IPv4s 4 294 967 296)

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Mobile operators are kind of old fashioned ISPs. They usually do not give fixed IP address to all their subscribers, because it would be too expensive and dimension-wise unnecessary. What they do is to assign a dynamic IP upon request by the mobile device. Depending on the size of the IP pools and their dimension/allocation it is perfectly possible that the 2 IP addresses are on the same network and in rare occasions to be even the same IP (of course, not used at the same time!).

So yes, it is quite possible that your deal was cancelled wrongly.

How are you going to prove that to Admin - I have no clue.

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