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The first meeting

Kevin Kingswell

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To: The Federal Republic of America
From: The DRM

"Greetings. For some time now we at the DRM have inhabitated our land in America and yet have not been in contact with any of the other American nations. Therefore we would like to send a diplomat to your capital to hopefully start proper diplomatic relations. We look forward to your reply".

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[quote name='Germanic Republic' timestamp='1301344844' post='2679310']
From: FRA
Subj: Re: Diplomatic relations

The Federal Republic would be glad to host one of your diplomats in Austin. Where might we send a diplomat from our end?

Reginald Carter
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Federal Republic of America

RE: Diplomatic Relations

Please send your diplomat and any staff to our capital of Fargo, whilst we currently have no buildings set up for your embassy he or she can choose one when they arrive. We will then have the building changed to their needs.

PS: Sorry for the abrupt change but we are now called the nation of Missouri. Our apologies for any inconvience.

Catherine Smith
Temporary Foreign Affairs Minister

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Mike Litoris was met on arrival by Catherine herself who bowed to him. "Thank you Mr Litoris from the people of Missouri for coming to our nation for these diplomatic exchanges. We are looking forward to making cordial relations if not a sense of friendship but I get ahead of myself. Please followe me to the our car".

A short walk later and Mike was lead to a nearby sedan it was clear that it was armoured just not too heavily. Walking forwards Catherine opened the passenger door and beckoned for Mike to climb in. Once he had done so she closed the door and entered from the other side, making sure to keep some personal space between them.

Directing the driver to head for the main city the pair of them soon found themselves inside Fargo itself, being a short distance from the airport. As the passed Mike could look out and see the citizens going about their daily lives doing what they usually did. In fact the only real interesting thing was the news reports talking about the upcoming elections.

"So Mr Litoris what do you think of our fair city so far?" Catherine asked.

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