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Blue Hair 2


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[b][color="#0000FF"][center]Blue Hair[/center][/color][/b]
[color="#0000FF"][center]Badb's Chance[/center][/color]

[center][b]Part One
The Unfolding[/b][/center]

[url="http://i436.photobucket.com/albums/qq86/Lovergurl77983/Common%20People%20you%20find%20Online/Amber%20on%20Fire/l_f2f1d517e6d04f0082a9a1e8df2ccf33.jpg"]Badb[/url] pushed herself up from the dusty ground. She had apparently blacked out. When she began to push herself up she noticed a thin layer of soot on her arm. She got on her hands and knees and then felt the excruciating pain in her back. Her human qualities were annoying however she would have to deal with them for a long time. The fifteen year old carefully stood up but wanted to fall back down when such a scary sight came upon her. The sky was black with smoke and ash - that was not mysterious or terrifying thing. In front of her - maybe three miles away - was an utterly mutilated and devastated city. Tall buildings had the glass windows shattered out of them, large structures had been burnt to a crisp, stone structures had collapsed and turned to dust, and in the middle of the city was a crater exceeded all other devastation that could be seen.
Badb looked to the left of her and saw a sign that still held it's character and bright green color, [i]Welcome To Douglas[/i]. Badb made a soft mumble that was the only noise except for the strong wind, "The capital." Badb took two steps back but began to fall over a cliff, one that she was oblivious of. She fell and fell and the instant before she hit the water she woke up.


[img]http://velvetpalette.files.wordpress.com/2010/06/royal-blue-pillow.jpg[/img] Badb opened her eyes and took in a deep breath. It felt like she had been holding it for hours. She looked around her and sighed when she noticed her younger sister by 120 seconds cuddled next to her - their blue hair entwined on top of their pillows. Badb gently pushed her sister back to her side and carefully got out their bed. Her shorts made a brustle noise against the blankets as she got to her feet but her sister Áine stayed asleep like a baby. She pulled back one of the dark red pieces of cloth and let out a sigh of relief once she saw the dim lights of the city at sleep. Badb felt two light arms wrap around her thin upper stomach, "What is wrong sister?" Badb wasn't surprised but sighed as her sister softly hugged her and rested her head on Badb's shoulder. "I had a dream Áine... A terrible dream."

Áine squeezed her sister from behind and then slowly released her grip, "You know it wasn't just a dream sister.. What was it about?" Badb hesitated. She knew anything her sister or herself dreamed about was either based on the past, present, or future. Why was she cursed with something like that? Sure it would be nice when she dreamed the next day would be filled with sun-shine and nice sun rays to tan in but it would be terrible when she dreamed of death and destruction of a single or multiple human beings. "It was Douglas.... It was completely destroyed." Áine kept her head leaned against her sister's back, "Was there anything left?" Badb shook her head, "All that was left was rubble and soot in the air that was so thick it blocked out the sun." Áine pulled on her sister's arm, "Come back to bed. We can tell David about it tomorrow." Badb shook her head, "That will not be good enough Áine. I don't think we should tell him, but I know I need to go and fix it before it happens." Áine uncomfortably whined back, "Do you want the Blue's to come and hunt us down again? David may be nice Badb but you know the Blues don't tolerate anything." Badb walked over to their closet, leaving Áine to loose her balance and fall over, "I need to leave tonight."

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Áine rolled her eyes while she pushed herself up from her butt, "Badb, you can't actually think you can leave the Orange House at this hour without being noticed! Why can't we just wake up David and tell him now?" Badb started taking clothes from her part of the closet and began stuffing them into her backpack. A pair of night-shorts, a nigh-shirt, several shirts and jackets, a few pairs of jeans, and underwear. "I don't want to tell him because you know just as well as I do that he will react stupidly and start a big search. There is most likely someone here in the Orange House working against him and they would find out right away if there is." Áine wobbled to her feet and walked over to her Badb, now knowing she was serious in what she wanted to do. "Where are you going to go sister? How will you hide your hair?"

Badb zipped up her bag and pulled a pair of jeans over her shorts, "Áine, you are asking to many questions. David and the Blues are going to talk to you. Tell them..." Áine got on top of their bead and let the upper half of her body bend over on the other side so she could reach Badb's gun and a few clips that were taped underneath it on the framework. After, she helped Badb finish the sentence, "I guess I could tell them you went to the North but that wouldn't use up a lot of their resources." Badb put on her backpack and zipped up her jeans and then fastened the button. "Tell them I went to England." Áine started laughing while she walked to Badb to her the black gun, "That will be a nice mess... Sister I don't want you to go... Please, is there any other way?"

Badb put the gun in the back of her jeans and put on a light blue jacket to cover it from sight. Her charger and encrypted iPhone were already in her bag. Badb sighed and walked up to Áine who was starting to lightly sob. She wrapped her arms around her and lightly kissed her on the lips, "As it will be in the future, it was at the birth of man. There have only been four things certain since social-progress began. That the dog returns to his vomit, the sow returns to her mire, and the burnt fool's bandaged finger goes wobbling back to the fire. And after this is accomplished, and the brave new world begins, all men must pay for existing and no man must pay for his sins." Áine knew the poem that was taught to them and they had to recite hundreds of times. It told the story of the evils of Communism and how it could make strong and hard working men into dependent people who had no work-ethic. "Do you think it is the Red Man?" Badb nodded and slowly opened the door, "I need you." Áine put on her slippers and stepped a little closer, "For what? I thought you were going alone." Badb didn't like having other people help her. Most of the time she would make a fool of herself instead of asking for help but this time she needed to succeed.

"I need you to distract the guards... With your powers." Áine stood up a little taller and joked, "The almighty Badb is asking for help from me?" Badb grabbed her sisters arm and brought her along, "Yeah don't make me break your teeth sis." Badb and Áine sneaked past a few sleeping guards and directly past David's room. They took the stairs to the second floor but a young man with a flashlight ran into them, "Where are you two going?" Badb replied, "The bathroom?" the young guard shook his head, "Whatever it is it can wai-" the young trainee paused in a dumb pose and stared at Áine. Áine's eyes were glowing a brighter blue and she had a warm, calm smile on her face. Áine then went up to the strong lad and said, "Do you want me to hug you?" The trainee slowly nodded while he observed her untold beauty, "Ye-yes." Áine calmly walked up to him and gave him a hug. She mouthed the words to Badb, [i]Run.[/i]

Badb ran down the rest of the stairs until she made it to the final floor of the Orange House. A few guards were watching a re-run of an Islands classic called [i]Jannie & Joey[/i]. She busted out the front two oak doors and several alarms started blaring. As Badb ran outside search lights shot up from the formally dormant Orange House and all of the lights of the bottom floor turned on. Several of the guards woke up and many grabbed their weapons, looking for anyone who might have been trying to get in however they didn't think to look for someone sneaking out.

Badb ran has hard as she could until she found a nice park. Her heart was pounding while her chest motioned back and forth with each intense breath. She layed on her back and began to hyperventilate. Her breaths became faster and shorter and before long she passed out from choice. While she was blacked out a few words stormed her mind, [i]The Isle of Saint Mary holds the key[/i]

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