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The Elimination of Hostile Parties


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Idris Demir sat in her bed, looking outside the window. It was near time for her to get some rest, and boy was she tired. The middle aged woman placed on her night pajamas, turned on the fan, and was just about to close the blinds when she saw a black van pull into her driveway.

"Lord, it's nearly midnight, who could be here at this hour? Aye aye aye." Idris turned on the hallway light and jogged down the steps, hoping to get this over with. The doorbell rang seconds before she got to the handle. Once she opened it, the politician was greeted by two men in suits.

"Idris Demir? The Ottoman has a message for you." One of the men pulled out a small envelope. He reached inside, and out came a small, black pistol. He aimed it at her heart, and before she could create an expression, he fired.

The small bullet drilled into her skin and came out the other way, killing her instantly and spraying blood across a small lamp. A neighbor walked outside to see what the commotion was and suffered the same fate as Idris. Before any security guards came rushing out, the two men were speeding away.

The local police ,part of the conspiracy, blamed the attack on TIDO Wave, with the support of the entirety of the government, most of which was unknown to the plan. Due to Idris's involvement in industrial developments, this blaming was well accepted among the general public.

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