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Slavorussian General News

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[b][u]Military News[/u][/b]
Army and air force bases are being constructed in Finland under the provisions of the Helsinki-Moscow Agreement. Three army bases and a large airfield are being constructed in the south.

Following Parliament's vote to abolish conscription the army has announced that it will be downsizing and transferring regular service personnel to reserve status.

[b][u]Economic Development[/u][/b]
Recent success with the Moscow International Business Center is influencing other cities to begin massive economic development projects of their own.

[u]St. Petersburg[/u]
St. Petersburg’s local government has announced that the Marine Façade, land reclamation plan has been approved by the St. Petersburg City Duma. City officials have decided that the ambitious plan was needed to give Petersburg a well defined economic center while preserving the city’s many historic areas.

The city has brought in contractors that worked with Slavorussia’s Middle East Viceroyalty on similar projects in Abu Dhabi. The new zone will have space for commercial, residential development and recreational development.

In a bid to increase tourism Yekaterinburg’s tourism industry, Lisin Hotel and Resorts International has received the city’s approval to build the space themed Moon Palace Hotel and Casino. The finished hotel and casino will have over 2,000 rooms, numerous shopping outlets, seven five-star restaurants, a spa and fitness center, four swimming pools, two nightclubs and an IMAX movie theatre.

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[b][u]Economic Development News-Unclassified[/u][/b]
Construction Moon Palace Hotel and Casino began with the groundbreaking ceremony on the banks of Yekaterinburg’s Verkh-Isetskiy Pond. Lisin Hotel and Resorts International says it has purchased another large plot of land for additional development.

[u][b]Military News-Classified[/b][/u]
The 23rd Motor Rifle Division has been mobilized in northern Karelia and Murmansk. The division consists of just over 6,000 soldiers, 60 T-90 and T-80 tanks, 150 IPC and AFV's and 20 2S19 Msta-S mobile artillery guns.

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Recently the T-90 has not been able to perform efficiently in modern combat. The General Staff will be discontinuing the model currently used by the army and replacing it with the T-95 "Leninator".

An artist's depiction of the T-95 "Leninator."

T-95 “Leninator”
Designer: OAO Defense corp.
Weight: 55 tons
Length: 9.9 m
Width: 3.5 m
Height: 2.4 m
Crew: 3
Armor: Classified composite-reactive armor with soft-kill and hard-kill defense system
Primary Armament: 125 mm smoothbore cannon with ATGM, HEAT, APFSDS or HESH capabilities.
Secondary Armament: 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun and 12.7 mm anti-aircraft machine gun
Engine: 1,500 hp (1,119 kW) OAO multi-fuel turbine engine
Speed: max 75 km/h
Range: 650-700 km

The T-95’s main gun can fire a variety of rounds depending on the operational situation. It can fire guided high explosive, kinetic, and anti-personnel canister rounds.

[u]Defense Features[/u]
The T-95’s armor is made of a classified composite-reactive armor and is the successor to Kontakt-5 armor used in previous MBT‘s. Reffered to as Kontakt-6, OAO began developing the armor after the Nordic-Slavorussian War when it became clear that Slavorussian armor could not withstand contemporary kinetic and high explosive rounds. The T-96 can sustain numerous hits from kinetic and HEAT rounds and still maintain high operation status. The paint is a special epoxy based paint made to protect the crew from a chemical and biological attack as well as a radar-absorbing material.

The developers brought back the Shtora-1 countermeasure system and the EMT-7 anti-mine system. Designed to disrupt laser targeting and range finding measures. It is fitted with smoke grenade launchers and infrared jamming system.

The T-95 features detachable fuel and ammunition compartments and a fire-suppressant system.

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[size="1"][i]Official OAO Defense Corp. design of the T-95[/i][/size]

The Ministry of Defense has ordered OAO’s designers of the “Leninator” tank to go back to the drawing board after the war machine failed the military’s first series of tests. OAO Defense Corp. returned with a highly modified version of the tank that utilizes western technology and a new design scheme.

The weapons system has been modified from the original version. OAO replaced the 125mm turret with a 140mm smoothbore cannon and also replaced the coaxial gun with two remote controlled 12.7x108mm machineguns (equivalent to the .50 BMG). OAO also added the XM214 minigun and a plethora of grenade launchers as part of the active protection system.

The new design features thicker armor and electromagnetic shielding, which was absent from the earlier model. The new T-95 still uses the Shtora soft-kill and Arena hard-kill protective systems.

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Worried that the weapon systems and fortifications that protect the country’s borders may be degrading the General Staff ordered an intensive test of all missile defense, anti-aircraft and anti-ship defenses.

On the General Staff’s urging the Ministry of Defense has secured the funds to improve radar coverage and redundancy. The military will use the funds to improve the A-135 anti-ballistic missile system and expand it’s coverage nationwide. New long-range radar sites will be installed in the vicinities of Murmansk, St. Petersburg, Smolensk, Kursk, Rostov, Volgograd, Samara, Perm, Yekaterinburg, Nizhnyaya Omra, Inta, Naryan-Mar, and Serverodvinsk. The project is to begin immediately.

the Slavorussian government’s bunker expansion project has finally been completed. The new bunker system will allow government officials and civilians to evacuate the capital in a nuclear scenario. The Ministry of Defense is publishing protocols for the military to evacuate the city using the Moscow Metro. Additional measures are being taken in other major cities with Soviet-era bunker/subway systems.

Yekaterinburg’s Moon Palace Hotel and Casino has been completed. Lisin Hotel and Resorts International says it will stage the grand opening by the end of the month. LHRI already has plans for another resort.

La Bella Figura

La Bella Figura is LHRI’s premier 5-star hotel and casino. The complex features indoor swimming pools, various restaurants, its own underground shopping mall below the manmade pond, and an onsite zoo and aquarium.

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The military has received funds from parliament to begin modernizing the military. As a result several thousand volunteer soldiers, pilots and sailors have been recalled for special advanced training at one of the 14 new training schools in bases across the country with the goal of increasing leadership abilities and technical skills among many other special skills. All 14 academies will have more intensive courses to condition the Slavorussian soldier be more efficient in the battlefield and more productive at home.

Secondly, the second T-95 project has been approved for production with the army ordering 3,000 tanks from OAO’s factories. With the release of the T-95 the military has begun to provide standard EMP shielding for all new vehicles that come off the assembly lines. This is in addition to the Defense Ministry’s two year old initiative to provide shielding to important military and civilian facilities.

Finally, the military’s radar redundancy initiative is well under way. The military already has several operational systems that give redundant coverage to over 50% of the nation’s borders. When the project is completed the military will be able to detect any long rage threat even if the radar system suffers medium to heavy damage.

Additional funds for the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Education have been approved by parliament. The funds will go into building or renovating schools and hospitals, as well as providing funding for the Global Heritage Museum and Research Institute in Kazan. The museum will feature cultural and historic exhibits from all 7 continents as well as an affiliated research institute a for students of foreign cultures and languages.

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The Military is taking preventative steps in the wake of what it calls British aggression against Slavorussia. The General Staff had ordered all military districts to AlertCon 3 except for the Strategic Rocket Forces which will remain at AlertCon 4. OTH radar systems and other early warning facilities in northern Murmansk and Kolguyev Island have been ordered to maintain full staff until futher notice. Reconnaissance of Slavorussia's Arctic waters and in the Baltic Sea continue to fly continuous missions to keep the sea routes to Slavorussia free from the aggressive western enemies.

Diplomatic ***Public***
Foreign Minister Lavrov tentatively approved a plan for withdrawal of the Slavorussian diplomatic mission from the British Isles after the ambassador the United Kingdom, who has voiced his opposition to canceling the Anglo-Russian alliance, resigned amid public pressure. The Foreign Minister said he would not submit a list of possible replacements to the Prime Minister.

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The Slavorussian army has completed phasing out T-72 and T-80 tanks and variants from all current armored divisions. Over 6,000 tanks have been put in storage.

Additionally the army is reshuffling over 300,000 soldiers. A new geopolitical situation necessitates a shift in the strategic basing of military personally. The massive shift of 10 divisions from the interior to the north and west would be easy to notice the public as well as surrounding countries. Six divisions of soldiers were placed in the Petrograd, Kerelia and Murmansk Oblasts while an additional two divisions were placed outside the walled city of Valkurheim, essentially blockading it. All essential and luxury goods would now have to be bought directly from Slavorussian suppliers, sometimes at higher than normal costs.

The Northern Fleet which had left port for the winter remained in the North Atlantic Ocean on maneuvers.

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