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This is a sad day for myself and for Rok

Bob Ilyani, a respected member of Ragnarok's Ruling Council and of Planet Bob, has undergone a traumatic real life experience. Here are his words for his friends on Bob, edited ONLY to cut swear words and save my warn level. I ask the mods in advance to move this as needed...this is likely not the right place for it.

[quote]This is going to be really hard to explain.My life has gone to !@#$@#$ hell over the last few days and I don't really have much time. So I'll make this as brief as possible in the interest of time.

There was a really big snowstorm in Toronto on Wednesday when I posted this. Visibility was low and it was hard for people to get around. Needless to say I'll cut the details out, partly because you don't need to hear them and partly because I don't want to tell them. Me and my sister were involved in a car accident earlier in the day. I'm alright, but she's in critical care with some bad, bad injuries. Neither I nor the doctors know what will happen to her. I've been !@#$@#$ freaking out since, including my hastily worded post that evening.

Thus, I offer you my resignation. I HATE HATE GATE to do it, but, quite frankly, I have no time for CN right now. !@#$ hit the fan and it hit hard. If you guys need someone else to fill an RC spot, feel free to move me out. I'm in no position to fill any duties as of late.

Secondly, please forward my message both to the general membership and to the OWF. They deserve to know (at least my friends on the OWF do) and I'd rather make it clear than let rumors poison my name.

My nation will probably delete. I'm fine with that. I will be back though. I can promise it.

Once again, I love you all and I hope for all the best. This alliance is a beautiful thing and it has every tool it needs to succeed. Stay strong without me, I know you can.


Bob's resignation has been denied at this time...his place at our table will remain for him even as he stays in our hearts and prayers. For anyone who wishes to post, I only ask that you maintain the respect and decorum such an announcement deserves.

o/ Bob
o/ Rok

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[OOC]I don't care that this post is going to be 100% OOC, it needs to be said.

Siblings are the single most important thing in the world. My thoughts are with you, and I will be hoping for the best, Bob. Take care of things back home, and I hope to see you back in this game soon with good news to report. [/OOC]

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My best wishes to you Bob and to your sister. There are few better hospitals than Sunnybrook and St Michael's(whichever one she was taken to) and on a personal level it never gets easy hearing things like this happening to people or having to deliver the news to them in person.

Stay strong bro, for yourself and for your sister.

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