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A Matter of Honor


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Crown Princess Victoria Kaʻiulani sighed as she viewed the outer beauty of The Kimberly in Pihana. Today would be a special day for her people and she was going to give them great honor and joy. Picking up her fountain pen off the blotter she penned a short note to the government of Pihana.

[code]To my esteemed friends in the Government of Pihana.
I stand before you as the styled Crown Princess of the people of a revolutionary organization that has grown under the hand of government.
We have a simple request, Our people have peaceable control of the region from The Kimberly to Exmouth.
We simply request your permission to peaceably leave your nation and form our own.
If you refuse us this request we will respect it and pursue the issue no further.


Crown Princess Kaʻiulani[/code]

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