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Beatus BioPharmaceuticals


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Beatus BioPharmaceuticals is one of the leaders in the global biotechnology and pharmaceutical market. With over one-hundred years of experience and fifteen years of extensive cooperation with the Free Association government, Beatus is proud to research and manufacture today's latest in cutting edge technology and treatment as well as tomorrow's cure.

[i]Headquarters of Beatus BioPharmaceuticals[/i]

Beatus BioPharmaceuticals is a biotechnology and pharmaceutical conglomerate headquartered in the Free Association financial and biomedical center of Las Palmas. With over 20,000 employees Beatus has a wide range of experience and expertise that has enabled us to remain at the forefront of our field throughout our existence. The following are some of the larger branches of our company:

[u]Wellington Drug Co.[/u]

The oldest pharmaceutical company in the Free Association, it was formed during the era of the Sarnungian Republic. With numerous branches and facilities throughout the Canary Islands and Cape Verde archipelagos, Wellington is firmly established in the everyday lives of the average Free Association citizen. Wellington is responsible for most of the medicines dispensed in pharmacies and has extremely strong brand name recognition in the nation. Unofficially, it's motto is "There's nothing in the water, we swear."

[u]Englemeier TransChemical and Co. [/u]

Englemeier is the main supplier of raw chemicals in the nation which are used by the various other branches of Beatus for further processing into consumer products. It operates a large number of chemical refineries in Cape Verde. Considered a premier employer for engineers around the world, it is a highly profitable company which forms a solid foundation for Beatus.

[u]Beatus Biotechnology[/u]

The namesake of the conglomerate, Beatus Biotechnology started in the past quarter century as a small biotechnology firm specializing in peptide and DNA synthesis. With the exponential growth experienced by the synthetic biology field in the past decade, it has retained its small company tradition of high customer satisfaction while becoming one of the largest biotech firms in the world. With over 5,000 employees, it is considered the heart of Beatus BioPharmaceuticals and supplies the other companies with much of the technology they require.

[u]United Refining Group, LLC.[/u]

A branch of Englemeier that broke off to form it's own company, UFG deals primarily with the extraction and processing of petroleum, coal, and natural gas products. It also has a large division devoted to more environmentally friendly fuels such as biofuel and alternative energy.

[u]Free Association Nuclear Energy[/u]

Only Beatus BioPharmaceuticals has the necessary capital and nerve to finance and insure the F.A.N.E, which is the only nuclear power energy provider in the nation. Operating nine state of the art nuclear power plants, it provides some of the cheapest energy to Free Association buildings and households.

[i]Research facility for Beatus Biotechnology[/i]

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With the latest announcement from Beatus, brushing your teeth is now a thing of the past. Researchers working in the Beatus BioPharmaceuticals laboratory have engineered microbes to live on the human tooth and destroy harmful bacteria. The main cause for tooth decay and cavities are strands of malicious bacteria that live on the teeth and eat sugars from the human diet. It converts these sugars into the waste product lactic acid, which slowly burns and erodes the layers of the tooth, leading to a variety of maladies that affect people today.

Researchers led by Dr. Jeffrey Hillman took one of these bacterial strands and genetically modified them by removing the DNA segment that codes for the production of lactic acid. Effectively eliminating the harmful effect of mouth-dwelling bacteria, Dr. Hillman and his team then inserted code to direct the bacteria to target and destroy other strands of microbes living on the teeth.

After years of animal testing this announcement is being hailed as a revolutionary change to oral care in the medical world. After being born, babies would simply need to have their teeth swabbed with the helpful bacteria. The bacteria would then ensure the teeth remain disease-free for the rest of their life, eliminating the need for tooth cleansing products.

Beatus BioPharmaceuticals is currently finishing a human study to confirm the effectiveness of this new biodrug. The company is in talks with hospitals around the country to sell and distribute the product, and it is actively seeking business from countries outside of the Free Association. Many health experts confirm that if the effectiveness of Beatus' claim is validated, the amount of cavities and other tooth decay and disease would likely plummet around the world. It appears that it is only a matter of time before cavities become a thing of the past. [/quote]

Final studies of the biodrug have been completed and it has been approved for human use to prevent bacterial disease and decay of the teeth. The effectiveness of the drug has been proven reliable, as the amount of cases of diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis dropped to almost zero in the study group. In addition, the amount of general cavities as well as common symptoms such as toothaches and pains decreased substantially with the drug.

Proper application of the drug is one swab after adult teeth have fully grown in. The cost of the drug is generally $100 per use though this may be subsidized if financial hardship is proven. Wellington Drug Co. has taken over distribution of the biodrug in the Free Association under the name "Sparcle." Beatus BioPharmaceuticals plans to sell the drug in foreign countries and all nations interested in partnering with the company are asked to contact it directly.

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