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An Important Announcement


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Oh Hai!!

The members of the alliance T5E that have been plotting for a while to come out, are ready to proudly declare that we exist on Planet Bob, don’t mess with us, we have big brother!! We are a multicolored alliance, and are here with our multipass!!!

The important people to know are our trium, known as the Fifth Element:
Supreme Being Leeloo: coldielox
Major Korben Dallas: Bartimaeus46
Father Vito Cornelius: KingKrath

Our Public Channel is #The5thElement

Anything coldielox says goes, and her first decree is that preambles will no longer be used. Griffy is the only person that may change coldielox’s mind.

[size=7]Article One—Membership[/size]
All those nations who wish to join to T5E must apply on the forums, and be approved by a High Government Member, the Fifth Element. Those nations who enter into the alliance, unless granted an exception, must complete the Academy to achieve full member status.

[size=7]Article Two—Government[/size]

[size=5]The Water Element[/size]
The Water Element shall handle foreign affairs, and is under the direct control of coldielox, at least until she finds a replacement.

[size=5]The Fire Element[/size]
The Fire Element shall war coordination and war chests, and is under the direct control of Bartemaues46, at least until he can find a replacement.

[size=5]The Earth Element[/size]
The Earth Element shall handle tech deals and trade circles, and under the control of Griffy.

[size=5]The Air Element[/size]
The Air Element shall handle recruitment and the academy, and is under the control of Krath, at least until he can find a replacement.

[size=7]Article Three—The Fifth Element[/size]
The Fifth Element shall consist of three members, known as a triumvirate. They will rule the alliance with an iron fist and protect the membership in any way possible.

[size=7]Article Four—Alliance Policies[/size]
As the alliance grows, this charter is subject to change, and only to be altered by the Fifth Element.
No Color Requirement—We are a Multicolored Alliance.
Tech Raids—Just don’t bother coldielox about it, otherwise, they are okay!! If it comes back to kick our ass, you’re in trouble!!

[size=7]Article Five—Leaving the Fifth Element[/size]
There are two ways you can leave T5E either coldielox or Griffy kicks you out OR you post a resignation in forum, publically!!! Either way, you have to let us know you’re leaving.


If you see us on IRC our alliance tag will be T5E, simple enough to notice

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[b][size="5"]The #ODNMafia Accords: A Protectorate Agreement[/size][/b][/center]

[b][size=4]Preamble: IT'S TIME TO PLAY A GAME OF... WEREWOLF[/size][/b]
[i]Finding a Werewolf can be a daunting endeavor. Alliances need to be made, information needs to be sought out, and split-second decisions need to be agreed on. The people of the Fifth Element (hereafter known as T5E) and some members of the Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence and Sadism (Hereafter known as GOONS) have had quite an advantageous werewolf-hunting relationship together, and thus we make this treaty.[/i]

[list type=upper-roman][*][b][size=3]We are our own players[/size][/b]
Although T5E and GOONS can maintain a profitable wolf-hunting relationship, neither side is allowed to tell the other who they can vote for.

[*][b][size=3]Don't vote for me, what the hell?[/size][/b]
T5E and GOONS aren't allowed to vote for eachother. That's just wrong. Any issues that may arise between T5E and GOONS will be taken care of in a cordial, private manner.

If T5E is voted as the wolf by a third party and GOONS seers have determined this isn't actually the case, GOONS are obligated to vote on the third party. If GOONS is voted on by a third party, T5E has the option of starting a bandwagon in defense of GOONS.

[*][b][size=3]The Seer[/size][/b]
T5E agree to share any roles of other alliances they have seen with GOONS, if they believe that these roles may constitute a threat to GOONS being attacked at night.

[*][b][size=3]Beyond Werewolf[/size][/b]
This agreement may be brought up for review at any time after two months if both parties believe the possibility to do more then just play Werewolf together. If this agreement has not been upgraded after a period of six months, it will be up for mandatory review.

[*][b][size=3]The Wolf[/size][/b]
If either side uses their seers to see that the other side is actually the wolf, and is sure beyond doubt that they don't just have the traitor role, they may dissolve this agreement with 72 hours notice.[/list]

[b]Signed for the Goon Order of Oppression, Negligence and Sadism[/b]:
Sardonic, [i]GOONS Pilot[/i]
JT Jag, [i]GOONS Co-Pilot[/i]
SirWilliam, [i]Pubbie Viceroy[/i] & [i]GOONS Strategos[/i]
Lamuella, [i]GOONS Secretariat[/i]
Council Members: Tristesse, Biazt, Xodi, dalstrs, KingShibby

[b]Signed for The Fifth Element[/b]:
Bartiameus46 (Korben Dallas)
coldielox (Leeloo)
KingKrath (Vito Cornelius)

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[quote name='Lord Boris' timestamp='1301194893' post='2677800']
I'd happen to agree. The New Peacemode Order wouldn't be able to protect anyone, certainly.

Meh, you may be right. GOONS may be handling the war a little better than us, depending on how you interpret things.

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