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do you like CORN?

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Join the Confederation Of Righteous Nations Today!

There are many good reasons to join CORN:

-We listen to our members; their concerns, ideas, and complaints.

-We stand by our members no matter what. Be it in times of war or any other crisis that should come our way, CORN will be there for it's members

-Economic benefits: For joining CORN, members that are in a position to sell tech will recieve; three million dollars starting aid, plus as many three million/fifty tech, tech deals as they can handle.

-Nation building guides and advice: Members will gain access to our repository of awesome guides that help new nations exponentially. CyberNations has a steep learning curve, but these guides (Written by a CN veteran) can have your nation on the road to greatness several times faster than it could ever have manage just by stumbling through the game.

-We are still a young alliance, and have not filled all of our government positions; we have several openings and are looking for experienced players to help run CORN's day to day operations.

-It is our goal, not through sheer numbers or total nation strength, but through honorable and respectable actions as an alliance, that we will someday be one of the greatest alliances in CyberNations. We strive to treat others with respect, dignity and honor: These are our guiding principles, and in thus is inumerated the spirit of the Confederation Of Righteous Nations.

Our forums are located at corn.cnalliance.org
Our IRC on Coldfront is #CORN[/center]

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Hello eveyone. i would like to introduce myself. I am Zeek20 Pround member of CORN. I have been the MoIA since it started.

I would like for you all to visit our great forum. We have great people in it and we do listen to our members. We act as a close family and we have a family safe enviroment. As of now we seem small but we are looking for people to join. We will try our best to help you if your new or need a refreshment in the game. If you have any questions feel free to ask and listen we shall do.

Thanks for your time.
MoIA Zeek20

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Lol thanks alex.

Hello again, Im Zeek20 MoIA of corn since the beggining. With that being said, I would like to talk to eveyone about CORN. CORN is a clan formed by friends that want to become close and have a good friend ship. We are Family orentied, meaning that we have a safe envrioment for kids and family members. We moniter our forums daily and keep every thing in order.
there are a few things we do at/in CORN
[*]We listen to eveyone
[*]Help when in need
[*]Got great advice and experienced players that are a great help
[*]Got great members
[*]Have a IRC so people can chat
[*]Lots of information that can help
[*]Helping with Tech deals and trade
[*]As alex said economic benefits
This is our forums.([url=http://corn.cnalliance.org/]click on me[/url]) Feel free to sign up and ask questions to me or Alex or our Prime minister (whos name i cant spell and to lazy to look it up lol :P )

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