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Fall of Tunisia


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1 month earlier, outside Tataouine, Tunisia - A dark SUV drives up to a single representative of MoG[Corp] stood in front of a row of 4 Semis filled with Soma®, the passengers in the SUV get out standing around a man slightly taller than the rest, each carrying a large duffel bag filled with cash "I trust you'll find the product even easier to sell than Heroin, you've already got my number, feel free to call again whenever this supply runs out." said the MoG[Corp] representative, the man standing across from him simply nodded, dropping his bag in front of the MoG[Corp] employee as the3 others do the same thing, then each gets into one of the Semis and begins driving further into Tunisia.

0300 GMT+1, outside Remada, Tunisia - MoG[Security] forces entered the town before dawn, sending in just Technicals and SUVs with soldiers to scout out the city before radioing an all clear for heavy armor to roll in, securing the main square before morning prayers. Tarou Stahnke, head of this sector of the mission was told not to expect much resistance, these people had been without power or fresh food for some time now, and trucks with supplies are already on the way from Tripoli to help these people. a few hours after dawn the streets were quiet, all over Tunisia a similar scene played out, with MoG[Security] forces establishing control of the roads before dawn, with civilians sometimes stopping and watching the soldiers, but most went about their business. Intelligence reports gathered from the locals concluded the former regime had fled recently, it is unknown where the princess had gone but she didn't leave any instructions with those who had stayed, this led quickly to chaos, and since the sudden surge of refugees beginning a few days ago, MoG[Corp] decided to help their neighbor.

0500 GMT+1, Djerba, Tunisia - Cruise missile trails from Tripoli streaked across the sky, headed towards the island of Djerba, 6 cruise missiles filled with cluster munitions exploded over the city of Houmt Souk, raining death down upon all those below, the people were mostly inside, which made what happened next so much worse. 4 more missiles, launched a few minutes after the first set, filled with highly flammable fuels flew towards the city, all of them exploding in a massive fuel air mixture igniting everything they touched.

2100 GMT+1, Tunis, Tunisia - a squad of soldiers continued their patrol around the mostly abandoned city streets, having a Technical following behind them as they walked slowly, keeping an eye on the heavily Islamic population they were sent to protect, one of the soldiers stopped for a moment to light up a MoGoro­® brand cigarette, as he exhaled the first drag a crack rang out and he fell to the road, having blood pool around him, the remaining members of the squad scattered, ducking behind walls and sides of buildings, then the sergeant radios to the Tunis HQ requesting sniper support, too slow however as the sniper team in the area had already heard the shot and changed positions to get a better angle on the sniper. Ichirou Soum, the spotter for the team trailed his high powered binoculars across the rooftops, searching for a reflection or simply a sign of movement to give away the enemy's position, and after two more shots from the rebel sniper, along with 1 more casualty to the patrol squad, and a wounded driver, managed to relay the rebel sniper's position to his sniper, exhaling alongside him as they both hear the crack of the 50 cal blow a hole through the rebel's head, confirming the kill. Ichirou radios back to the patrol squad "Eyes Above 2 to Patrol 12, your problem has been eliminated, no other activity seen by us."

2300 GMT+1 Kerkennah Islands, Tunisia - A single black Chinook paired with 2 Apache escorts lands on Chergui the largest of the islands, a prefabricated based had already been set up prior to the transport's arrival, Mogar himself got off the helicopter, walking into the structure with his entourage, "whats the story with my latest acquisition, I would like the mainland to be secured before we announce our latest banking venture."
Masami Midori sat at a sparse table in the center of the room, surrounded by a dozen or so chairs, reading over the piles of paperwork scattered all in front of her "initial reports are estimated at 80% of the area is under our control, with sparse pockets of resistance in the most heavily populated cities, these Fundamentalists will quickly tire out or simply die off from our forces, it's still unknown where the Princess has gone, our... pacification methods of the youth population has been exceedingly effective, I intend on setting up more employees specifically to promote our product in other areas we may find ourselves interested in." Mogar smiled and watched the monitors set up along one wall, viewing each city's individual war for it's soul, one the religious fanatics would not win.

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1900 GMT+1, Surt, Libya, Mogatopia - "Earlier Today MoG[security] forces have begun to pacify Tunisia, reports are scattered but most cities appear to have peacefully accepted their fate as part of MoG[Corp] MoG[Security] reports at least 20 soldiers have been killed with another 30 wounded, mostly from sniper fire, Tunisians watching this broadcasted are asked to stay inside as much as possible until MoG[Security] deems your area safe, MoG[Security] takes their job of defending civilians very seriously and does not want to harm any civilians needlessly.

In other news, the island of Djerba is reportedly on fire, MoG[Corp] released a statement just a few moments ago detailing that the island's largest city is experiencing a massive fire, it's currently unknown what caused the fire, but MoG[Airforce] planes equipped with cloud seeding equipment were rushed to the island in need, stay with MoG[News] for more on this developing story."

MoG[Corp] pilots were given Napalm filled bombs, flying low over the island and began to purge the island of any population centers left unscathed, turning the island into a grave site for over 90,000 people, around 5,000 managed to escape the destruction of the cities and towns, some even managing to get on boats and try to escape, MoG[Corp] aircraft flew patrols around the island, shooting at anyone attempting to escape.

OOC: Yay for media control!

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