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The Fall of Tamerlane


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[center][b][size="6"]Official Timuridian Announcement[/size][/b]


It is with great sadness to make the announcement that the Timuridian nation has collapsed, as the Amir has decided to abdicate for family reasons (OOC: Keep watching the "Just Friends" RP, you'll see why). The Amir has decided that the [b]REBEL ARMY[/b] and [b]GREATER NORDIC EMPIRE OF DALMATIA[/b] should have sovereignty over the fallen Timuridian nation, in the best interests of its citizenry. There are a few other developments that must also be noted of;

[*] The Timuridian nuclear arsenal has been dismantled and handled.

[*] The Timuridian military has been disbanded, and all units are to turn in their weapons and vehicles.

[*] The Timuridian Treasury has returned all of the investment money for the Gwadar Infrastructure Project, before the fall of the government, assuring all foreign investors do not loose money in the now defunct venture.

[*] The Rebel Army has gained control of all Timuridian nation (OOC: Except for Uzbekistan), as a protectorate, to do with what they wish.

[*] The Greater Nordic Empire of Dalmatia regains the Uzbek State as a protectorate, to do with what they wish.

With a number of Timuridian vessels, troops, and aircraft abroad, most of the units turned to the command of the UFE, and defected, rather then giving up their status. Military commanders and forces abroad that were working with the United Federation of the East would give up their ships and aircraft, and defect and put themselves at their command until further notice. Troops that were stationed in the Duchy of Austria would mostly swear a similar allegiance to the Duchess, and most would put themselves at the command of Austrian Military, rather then disband completely.

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