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Operation Cold Start

King Timmy

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[b]Time:[/b] 19:06
[b]Date:[/b] 25/03/20XX
[b]Location:[/b] Mount Katahdin

President Pegg entered the meeting room in Mount Katahdin where M, Head of the Secret Intelligence Service, was awaiting him. No-one else would be attending the meeting, it could not be risked this early on.

M rose as he entered and spoke before even giving him a chance to say a word.

[i]"Mr President, I do hope my being her is of vital importance. Operation Perrepat is reaching a critical point and..."
The President interrupted her.

[i]"Cancel it." [/i]was all he had to say to silence her. She was stunned, not believing what she had heard.

[i]"What do you mean 'Cancel it'? Cancel Operation Perrepat?!"
[i]"Yes, a more urgent matter has reared it's head."[/i] His eyes were out of control as he spoke, moving more than erratically, [i]"Keep some of Perrepat Operational to satisfy the British, maybe let them in on our secret operation. Use Tunisia falling to Maghreb as an excuse to rethink out strategy or something. How's your German?"[/i]

"Mein Deutsch ist unübertroffen, warum fragst du?"

[i]"Cause we're gonna need a lot more German speakers pretty damn soon. Austria will not be rescinding it's claims of the former UKIM. It is unacceptable hypocrisy on their part and I have no intentions of letting them have it without any opposition at all. This is now your top priority, they are going to hold a referendum at some point in the future. It is imperative to the sovereignty of North America that the people vote to return to North American leadership and force the Austrians out. Does that sounds plausible to you?"[/i]

M was silent, her mind was whirring faster than it ever had before.

[i]"It sounds impossible."[/i] Her look was that of someone who was being very serious.

The president sighed and the thought of having to accept Austrian rule crept into his mind. However, M's look quickly changed to a wicked smile.

[i]"Luckily, we deal in the impossible..."[/i]

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