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A Tricky Situation

King Timmy

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As the Austrian Royals landed in Belfast, the Minister for Foreign Affairs greeted them respectfully.

"Your Highness's we must away to the meeting by helicopter. I am afraid the press somehow learned of your coming here and there has been several protests sparked across the nation, come the Presidential helicopter awaits. Have no fear, though the protests have all managed to remain peaceful so far and are not a threat but we dare not use the roads just incase. The people are simply exercising their right to freedom of speech."

He guided them towards the Merlin AW101 that would take them to the Presidential residence.


As they landed, the President would greet them along with a guard of honour of the Presidential Guard and walk them into the building.

"Your Highness's, what a pleasure it is to finally meet in person. Come, let us get out of the cold. If you would please follow me this way."

As they walked through the guard of honour, the soldiers would present arms making a grand presentation for the royal visitors.

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Neither Maria nor Angelika were surprised with the arrival of protesters at the airport where they landed, though both were saddened by it as the Foreign Minister directed the two sisters to the helicopter. Yet, the signs of European Aggression, Colonialism, Servitude and others only strengthened the sisters' resolve to prove to North America that things would be different. Austria was a different nation than the United Kingdom and it was different than the history of European colonialists in the past centuries. The people wouldn't understand that, but hopefully the President of Maine was more understanding then the mob on the borders of the airport.

Finally arriving at the Presidential Palace itself, President Simon Pegg was the first to offer his hand in greeting. Maria and Angelika both returned the favor as they walked towards the entrance of the building.

"Likewise Your Excellency," said Maria as they walked, her heels clicking lightly on the pavement. "I would have hoped to begin diplomatic discussions with Maine over less tense subjects, but God deals strange hands sometimes. I appreciate how cordial you and your people have been. Hopefully, my sister and I, will be able to prove the protesters wrong in the coming months and make the Northwest stable. It is unfortunate yes, what happened to the Chadwick's and the Moore's before them, but I think Angelika will tell you, the entire United Kingdom is a rather strange place when it comes to politics."

"Aside from Austria's recent acquisition of the Kingdom, Herr President," said Angelika chiming in, "What is actually on the discussion table as of now?"

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"I too would have preferred something else to begin diplomacy over, but as it happens this seems to be where we shall unfortunately be forced to begin. The cordiality of my staff is nothing less than what I would expect of them, thank you for your appreciation. As for the protestors, that is something I cannot stop. They all remember Europe forcing out American rule on their continent and they feel we should return the favour. I too would like you to prove them wrong but as for what it would take to stop them protesting I know fine and well there is only one outcome. An outcome I have no intention of seeing come to fruition and will use every inch of my power to make sure it does not come too."

He glanced towards Angelika,

"Your Grace, I can honestly say I wish there was more to discuss than your recent acquisition of land but at the time being this is the point we must give our attention to."

He took a deep breath, his face was one that knew what he had to say but did not want to say it.

"Your Highness, your Grace, I am afraid I am at the will of my people. As much as I do not want to intervene with any inch of my body I fear I will not be able to stop such a motion passing through the House of Commons. I may be the President but I doubt my entire party will vote with me on this matter. I can slow them down and beg them to consider what is at stake as long as I can but if the motion is passed I will be unable to stop it. Make no mistake, I am not trying to threaten you but you must see how this looks from an American point of view.

Your own nation is part of the The Treaty of Zurich which has an article dedicated to keeping colonialism out of Europe. Not so long ago Europe banded together to force North American rule out of Europe. Other American nations have spoken out against your rule of the former UKIM already as have some European nations as well. I urge you to listen to their council.

Can I ask you to please see that your holding of North American territory has only one eventuality. It is an eventuality that will engulf two entire continents in a war that will undoubtably kill millions. It is an eventuality neither you nor I wish to see happen but is at this point in time looking more likely that not.

I beg you to please reconsider your holding of the former UKIM, if not for the sake of peace then for the sake of the very citizens you have recently taken rule of. I might have a slim chance of stopping my own nation, but as for the rest of North America I hold no position of authority over them.

I urge you to pass control of your territory to American nations, if not us then any other one would suffice. If not immediately, then over time. Unless you can convince the world otherwise this will be seen as colonialism one way or another and I doubt the rest of North America will sit back and let it happen.

You gained this land through the failings of an American leader in extraordinary circumstances. If peace is what you really desire there is only one option.

Please forgive my being blunt, but I feel it needed to be said."

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Maria and Angelika nodded to each other, conversed for a moment in German and if Pegg knew the language he could rest assured they said nothing threatening, only thinking of choosing their words carefully. After a moment of discussion, Maria turned back to Pegg and brought her intertwined hands to her chin.

"I appreciate your concern with the Northwest, Herr President, out of all the countries in North American so far, Maine has been the most understanding and most cordial to the recent events. I really do hope that the following months do not result in any bloodshed, there is such potential for a strong alliance between our nations, it would be terrible to jeopardize that so soon. That said, I fully understand hypocrisy between Zurich's philosophy and the anti-colonialism practices across the world, we are walking a very fine rope here and I don't want either Europe or North America to lose their balance.

However, before any such move is made on the future of the United Kingdom, I would like to be able to speak to other American nations, especially Pravus Inguro, who holds a great deal of influence over the continent. You see Herr President, you must understand that from the Austrian perspective and the perspective of the United Kingdom's government, Austrian rule provides the chance for a prosperity that would never have come from the previous regimes. I'm not sure what kind of water is in the Snake River, but it seems that all of the United Kingdom's rulers continued on the same pattern of failure since the nation's conception. My sister's fiance was no exception."

"Maria! Please." Angelika turned, glaring at the Empress.

"I'm sorry, but the expansion into the former URSR territory and the war with Vancouver, all terrible moves. That said, our own government has begun to look at economic expansion and building programs to return the United Kingdom back to acceptable levels of output. In reality, it is a godsend for these people who were looking at reparations to Vancouver for the next twenty years. I owe a great deal of respect to the United Federation of the East for their support. But as you see Herr President, for as many nations that contest Austrian claims in North American, there are likewise just as many nations to support and accept our claims. Those European nations that do so are strongly tied to North American, England and Ireland for instance, and the sudden withdraw of Austria from her rightful territory would show signs of weakness for both my regime and my country, not to mention incur the wrath of those Idahoan-Montanans who pushed for the rule of my sister.

However," the Empress continued, "Your mention of gradual withdrawal is intriguing and I can promise you Herr President, that if a government reasserts itself in the United Kingdom and asks for independence from Vienna, it will most definitely be granted. But as to simply turning the land over to one of the North American nations, many of which were actively engaged against the Kingdom or even withdrew from treaties with its government during the past conflict, I would be against such a move until further diplomatic discussion occurs. Though I will swear upon my grandfather's grave that any conflict that arises, will not begin from the shots of Austrian rifles. Of that you have my most sincerest promise."

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"You are indeed treading a very fine line and it would only take the lightest breeze for you to fall off that line, hopefully you don't get pushed. I did not expect my words to change your minds about this immediately but I would urge you to reconsider. As I said before I will do all I can to make sure Maine is favourable towards you but I cannot guarantee it.

Also, I think you'll find Ireland was one of the nations that recommended you hand control back to North America and that England were hoping to stay neutral on the matter altogether.

None the less I wish you luck in your meeting with other North American nations, I can only pray they can be as favourable towards you as I have tried to be.

However, might i make one last request. Would you at least give the people of the former UKIM a referendum so they can choose their own leadership? It might make people more open to your rule if the people choose."

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"You have our thanks Herr President." Maria said as she leaned over to take Pegg's hand in her own. "As to England and Ireland, hopefully I will be able to talk to them as well. England may be wanting to stay neutral in the matter, but their state of reluctance does very little to sooth my heart. Nevertheless, I appreciate you hearing Austria's side of this conflict, at the very least it will build Austria and Maine's relationship for the future after this United Kingdom matter is settled."

The Empress and the Grand Duchess both stood and bowed softly to the President as Angelika spoke. "As to the referendum, it will take place in the coming months after the last foreign discussions take place about the territory. We have no desire to hold an election so suddenly when citizens of the northwest can be persuaded by outside influences to vote one way or the other. But if that is all that we need to discuss Your Excellency, my sister and I will bid you adieu. That is all, isn't it?"

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"I understand completely, I would not want any outside influence on a referendum either. You will have my prayers over the following months, you will most likely need them.

Yes I believe that is all I wished to discuss, however with it being me dragging you across a continent for such a short meeting, I am obliged by my manners to offer you dinner. After all, Maine is famous for it's lobster for a reason."

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Maria chuckled, "You'd be surprised Herr President at the ingenuity of us Austrians, I thank you for your prayers, but dislike relying on God for things I can do myself. As to lobster though," The Empress turned to her sister who grinned in return. "I think that would be a wonderful idea. We would both love to stay for dinner."

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"Your ingenuity was not being brought into question, I am sorry if I offended you by suggesting you could not achieve what you have to. But come dinner awaits."

After dinner Simon would walk the two ladies out back to the Merlin that awaited them and he intended to travel with them to the airport and bid them farewell.

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Once the Merlin landed at the airport, Maria and Angelika both were escorted by Pegg and whomever else he had as his guards towards the waiting plane that would fly both of the Austrians back to Boise. As they walked across the runway the staircase to the plane descended and before stepping up into the craft, both ladies turned back and smiled.

"It was a pleasure Herr President, hopefully this won't be the last meeting between us. The lobster was delicious." Said Maria shaking his hand.

Angelika nodded in return, "And hopefully even an Austrian territory in North America can have benefits to the continent, hopefully we'll be able to work on this more. Take care Herr President."

And both turned to board the plane.

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"The pleasure was all mine your highness, I have no doubt this will not be the last time we meet!"

He turned to Angelika,

"Your Grace i do indeed there can be benefits to your ruling in North America and I wish you both the best for the future. Farewell."

He watched as they boarded the plane and took off.

He turned to his lead guard as the plane rose into the air.

"!@#$@#$ Austrians, I want M in my office as soon as we get back. They don't want influence in their referendum? Well, it just so happens I don't give a !@#$."

He got back in the Merlin and took off towards Mount Katahdin where the head of the Secret Intelligence Service awaited his arrival.

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As the Austrian jet soared into the sky, Maria and Angelika both sat down in their private cabin. Angelika turned over to the window and looked as the ground became hidden by the clouds and finally all of North America seemed to have disappeared. Sighing, she wrapped one of her hands around the cocktail glass that one of the stewards had brought to her. "Well that got us absolutely no where, just a bunch of stinking fish, I don't trust them either. Their President, Simon Pegg, was that his name? He had a shadiness about him."

Maria sat silent running her finger around the cusp of her own glass.

"You know Maria," The Grand Duchess swung her seat around. "When I was securing the rest of North America against those Communist !@#$%^&*, I had plans on overthrowing Maine. I talked to the Irish about it, they said it would require some billion thalers, now I kind of wish I would have put down the money. We wouldn't be dealing with this problem."

Still Maria sat silent, but this time brought the glass up to her lips and let the vodka creep slowly down her throat.

"Maria? You okay?" Angelika said narrowing her eyes in concern.

"Oh? Yes, I'm fine. Just thinking."

"You think there's a problem?"

"If there's not, I'm sure they're going to make problems." As she spoke the Empress' mouth curled up into a sadistic grin. "We just have to make problems first. I can tell you this right now, the American Northwest is Austrian and it will remain Austrian. When we get to Boise, I have to send a letter to Theresia. If North America doesn't want to give us a welcoming ceremony, we'll make one ourselves."

Angelika chuckled, "I'm glad you see it my way."

Their glasses rang hitting into each other and the sisters' laughs echoed through the air as the jet soared off into the setting sun.

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