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OMS-Sparta Protectorate Treaty

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[center][img]http://images.wikia.com/cybernations/images/b/b8/OMS_Flag.png[/img] [img]http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b214/lukapaka/SpartaFlagrecruit.jpg[/img][/center]

[quote][b]Article 1: All we needed was love.[/b]
Organisation Of Micronational States (OMS) and Sparta agree not to initiate acts of aggression upon one another and to live side by side in peace.

[b]Article 2: It's almost like, we share a brain.[/b]
Both signatories agree to share any intelligence learned which may directly or indirectly affect the other party.

[b]Article 3: We're good to talk to...[/b]
The memberships of both signatories recgonize the nature of this agreement and will provide discussion, criticism, and debate with the intentions of helping OMS grow to be a successful alliance on Planet Bob.

[b]Article 4: ... but we've got more than words.[/b]
At OMS's request, Sparta will defend OMS from aggression by means of force and diplomacy.

[b]Article 5: We like to help each other help the other.[/b]
At Sparta's request, OMS will reserve all aid slots for technology agreements with Sparta.

[b]Article 6: Black suits suit us just fine.[/b]
OMS agrees to remain a black team alliance and to support Sparta in all senate elections.

[b]Article 7: Don't think twice, it's alright.[/b]
If either signatory ever wants to go its separate way, 48 hour notice must be given to the other party before making the cancellation public and thus, valid.

[b]Signed for Sparta:[/b]
Lukapaka - King of Sparta
Tulak Hord - King of Sparta
King Louis the II - Elder of Philoxenia
Jap468 - Elder of Philoxenia

[b]Signed for OMS:[/b]
[b]Council of Three[/b]
-Philip Fish
-Comrade Egtavie

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To clarify: the thing in the middle of our flag represents Sealand, one of the most successful micronations in history: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principality_of_Sealand

As, you can see, it kind of looks like the two-legged platform :P

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(Most) All of us are citizens of various micronations.
Follow these here links to learn more:

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