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Sailing the high seas

king of cochin

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The Amindvi class destroyer CNS Hunter (DS05) has set out on a routine solo patrol through the international and allied waters of Indian Ocean and environs. Plotting a course from its home base at RCNB Pondicherry, a stop at Cocos Keeling Island and then rounding south off Minilla Islands CNS Hunter would sail through the Timor Sea, Arafura Sea and then rounding south through the Coral Sea and Tasman Sea then a friendly port visit to Wellington in Greater Pacifica and then through the south of Australia to call in at Gangothri Naval Base and back to Pondicherry. Commodore Andrine Esteban is the commanding officer of CNS Hunter.

The mission of CNS Hunter is to ensure the Freedom of Seas in these waters, anti piracy and of course old fashioned power projection. It shall also participate in a special training exercise where a Royal Cochin Air Force transport aircraft would drop replenishment pallets in the non native and tight sea lanes of the plotted course. Two Halobs have already been stationed at Auxiliary Air Base Cocos with dummy and field loaded pallets to be dropped in this air to sea replenishment operation. The first drop would happen in Arafura Sea followed by the second a few hours later as the warship crosses the waters between Thursday Island and Zaboor Island.

During this patrol CNS Hunter would also seek to be the Ambassador at sea to promote diplomatic relations with Pihana and Australian Free State by conducting port visits.

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