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Celestial Being Announcement

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Celestial Being is hereby disbanded. The Celestial Being AA will be protected by VE for 30 days and the Celestial Being Applicant AA will be protected by VE as well until Avalon attains peace, at which time they have graciously offered to protect it.

We would like to thank VE for all the help they've given us since we started over a year ago as well as to our friends in FoS such as AoDB and Avalon. You guys are great and I'm sure we'll keep in touch.

Special shout out to GOONS for being reasonable whenever we had an issue come up and to Kingdom of Hyrule for being awesome opponents during our war.

WarriorConcept, Veda
Kulomascovia, Meister

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Wow...this is quite a shock. Hated what you stood for for so long....it was very odd to end up on the same side during this war. Good luck to you, WC...you've always been likable. Hope you find a decent home.

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For over a year, I've had the pleasure of being a meister of Celestial Being. My time here was educational and exciting. However, good things must come to an end I suppose. I give my thanks to our members and allies who have helped us become who we are. I wish you all the best in the future.


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Sad to see this. It was definitely a pleasure working with you on FoS. Real life really bit us in the but this year. Loved the theme of the alliance, and it takes alot of work to run it how it was. Best of luck to both WarriorConcept and Kulu.

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