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Pimp My Military


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Does your nation's navy look like this?


Do your world leaders salute this flag?


Then you are in luck!

China's most popular new reality TV show, "Pimp My Military" can be coming to a country near you. Under international sanctions? No problem, sell us your mineral rights and we'll say $%&@ 'em. Human rights violations? Tell your people to stop being such !@#$%*^.


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Most of Procinctia’ current weapons [b]technology[/b] is based on systems obsolete before the end of the sixties. Currently revolving rifles, rocket revolvers, flintlocks pistols, and M1 semi-automatic carbines dominate Procinctia’s domestic defense. Procinctia Armament’s most successful export is a the Procinctia Sedan Combat Technical, an old Bering Wars era 50-mm anti-tank gun mounted recycled onto a sedan chassis, sold in mass quantities to Sri-Lanka as a cheap mobile gunnery target. This technological deficit is compounded by a complete demilitarization that has left the entire country relatively defenseless; some suggest that a modern organized military force (http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=98413) could easily sweep through these islands.

Procinctia Sedan Combat Technical, a fine example of typical Procinctian Schizo Tech[/center]

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Yo yo yo CCTV, this is Bek Dov Harmar. I knowz that we ain't got street cred in dis part of the world, so we need to be seriously pimp'd up, youknowhati'msayin'? We gots our tanks here, and I want you to put some 22s on dem, them put some rims on the 22s, then we want you to top it off with some spinners. Also, see what you can do about adding some chrome to our boatz.

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