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Sequal to my actions in (http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=99996) JEDCJT’s thread [i]Red no more: The URSR collapses[/i]

Procinctia (or equivalent country) had dispatched civilian (or military) representatives (or agents) to the former Union of Revolutionary Socialist Republics’ Aleutian holdings to negotiate reunification (or incorporation). Procinctia (or equivalent country) has successfully (or unsuccessfully) [i]incorporated[/i] (or annexed) this territory following successful (or unsuccessful) [i]negotiations[/i] (or coercion). Pravus Ingruo opposes/supports Procinctia’s claims in accordance with Dobbs Doctrine policies.

Depending on the outcome of [i]Squashing Moralism[/i]
A) Sovereign Procinctia peacefully incorporates Aleutian Islands of the former URSR.
B) Procinctia’s Chinese puppet government annexes URSR Aleutian Islands
C) Procinctia’s government-in-exile reforms Procinctia consisting entirely of URSR’s Aleutian
D) Procinctian armed resistance consolidates in Aleutian Islands once claimed by URSR
E) Peaceful resistance from Procinctia consolidates in URSR’s Aleutian Islands.
F) An entirely new Procinctia forms in the what was URSR’s Aleutian Islands
G) Savoonga Municipal School Sarah Tintagyl Fanclub reforms again as a country in this territory
H) A new nation succeeding yet not Procinctia forms in Aleutian Islands formally belonging to the URSR

Other possible events of note
A) Procinctia wins [i]Squashing Moralism[/i]
B) Procinctia loses [i]Squashing Moralism[/i]
C) Procinctia draws [i]Squashing Moralism[/i]
D) Time Paradox
E) Boot to the head!
F) Generalissimo Lives!?!

[b]Thread Rules[/b]
All posts must contain in character conversation (there’s an out of character thread for a reason)

[b]Out of Character Stuff[/b]
Squashing Moralism (http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=98413) is taking too long, even if it technically takes place in the past, in an unorthodox maneuver I have announced the possible incorporation (or not) of territory without knowing the actual outcome of that war. . .

Edited by Generalissimo
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