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Wolfpack Announcement

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Today is a good day in the Wolfpack.


As you can see, the Wolfpack has reached 2 million nation strength! Those with long memories may recall hearing something similar in the past. This is in fact the third time the Wolfpack has achieved this, and the third time it has been announced. However, each and every time something has come along to ruin our joy. But each time we have come roaring back. The first time we reached 2 million, we had over 200 members and an average nation strength floating around 10k. The second time, we had a few over 100 nations and an ANS of 20k or so. This time, we have once again been cut in half, with 57 nations, but our average nation strength has leapt to 35,000. I hope to continue our growth so that the Pack may finally reach 3 million nation strength, an achievement denied to us by ill luck and war. But I'm optimistic.

As they say, third times the charm!

o/ Wolfpack

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[quote name='Gimlimonkey']

You should all hail mindlessly! O0

Consider this mindlessly hailed!

Congrats to our Brothers in WP. :awesome:

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[quote name='Chaoshawk' timestamp='1300767967' post='2672945']
Congrats fellas. I'm sure we can help you reach this milestone again :awesome:

I think you'll find us willing to accept this offer :awesome:

[quote name='Cookiemonster' timestamp='1300768165' post='2672951']
O/ Wolfpack

we did it again, and we had 3 different people post the accoutrement I think.

I think I posted the 2nd one too :P

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