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African Legion Weapons Procurement

Captain Enema

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[b]African Legion Announcement[/b]

To Whom it May Concern,

In order to meet the expanding needs of the African Legion in our role as International [s]white knights[/s] Providers of Aid and the keepers of the Northern Sudan peace we require equipment.

We are interested in purchasing the following:

750 MBTs- 120 mm main guns with stabilized sighting systems. We require easy to use but advanced range finders and a weapons package that is accurate over a long distance.

1500 APCs - Must be well armored and we seek a turreted model.

2500 Multi-purpose vehicles for transport and other work related duties.

500 Fuel Tankers

300 155 mm Self Propelled Artillery Vehicles

244 Transport Helicopters

120 Medium Fixed Wing Transports

60,000 Rifles plus ammunition and magazines

15,000 Squad Automatic Weapons plus ammunition

50,000 Pistols plus ammunition and magazines

Manpad Surface to Air Missile systems

Manpad Anti-tank systems

Vehicle mounted Surface to Air and Anti-Tank Missile systems

This massive purchase is to completely re-equip the African Legion. We will be assuming the burden of securing the peace and security of the Northern Sudan region for the Aeon Government. We will also be undertaking our own private International role.

ps. extensive payment plan needed as well.

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Marscurian Military Works can fill many of these needs for you. Here is a list of products we are offering:

[u]MR-64 Assault Rifle:[/u]
Weight: 12.5 lb
Cartridge: 7.62x51mm
Rate of Fire: 450 rpm
Effective Range: 700 yards
Sights: Iron Sights
Magazine: 30 rounds
Attachments: Bayonette, Bipod

[u]MP-33 Pistol:[/u]
Weight: 1.8 lb
Cartridge: 7.62x25mm
Rate of Fire: Semi-automatic
Effective Range: 55 yards
Sights: Iron Sights
Magazine: 8 Rounds

[u]M2 Medium Machine Gun (SAW)[/u]
Weight: 23.15 lb
Cartridge: 7.62x51mm
Rate of Fire: 550 rpm
Effective Range: 1,200 yards
Sights: Iron sights

[u]M103 Self-Propelled Artillery[/u]
Crew: 6
Caliber: 155mm
Rate of Fire: 1 rpm
Range: 17,000 yards
Armor: 25mm
Engine: V12 810 hp Gasoline Engine
Speed: 30 mph

We guarantee that our prices will be cheaper than that of the competition!

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Cochin Chamber of Commerce offers:

T100 Main Battle Tank
BTR99 Armored Personnel Carrier
TAW 4x4 Heavy Duty Truck'
TAW T100 Engineering Vehicle Chassis
TAW 6x6 Fuel Tankers
CSA 155SP 155mm Self Propelled Gun
GAL Blackhawk
GAL METAC Medium Fixed Wing Transport
CS56AR Assault Rifle
CS76SW Squad Automatic Weapon
MPS2 - Man portable Air Defense Weapon
TKM2 - Man Portable Anti Tank Guided Missile
SD2, SD2R, SD3 and SD4 Surface to Air Missile Batteries, Land Mobile
TKM2, TKM3 Vehicle Mounted Anti Tank Weapon Systems

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Bulliman Arms International offers the M15A3 Service Rifle

The M15A2 Service Rifle(top) and the M15A2-Para(bottom), [i]modified C7 Rifle[/i]

Weight: 3.3 kg (unloaded) 3.9 kg (with 30-round magazine)
Length: 100.6 cm
Length(Para): 104.6 cm (stock extended), 96.6 (stock collapsed)
Barrel length: 508 mm
Cartridge: 6.8x45mm SPC
Action: Gas-operated, rotating bolt
Rate of fire: 700–900 rounds/min
Muzzle velocity: 900 m/s
Effective range: approx. 500 m (effective)

We also offer the Bushranger gunship, a conveted UH-1 'Heuy' with rockets, missiles and vulcan cannons

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It will be our honor to serve you. Our entire warehouse of 10,000 of each weapon has been emptied and will be part of the first shipment leaving Tianjin by the end of the week. Our factories will be ramped up to full production to meet your demands, and rest assured that they will be met in a timely fashion.

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Bids for equipment have been filled, but given the Legion's long affiliation with the training command schools of the Kingdom we will be highly interested in sending our latest crops of recruits to be trained by the Kingdom.

NCO training needed, Medic training, Maintenance Specialists of all sorts, Platoon Officer Training, and a basic induction school for infantry and advanced infantry training.

The current growth of the Legion demands that we focus our overtaxed training centers on our officer and specialists schools. The rest is going to have to be outsourced for the time being. The commonalities between Kingdom and Legion training are significant enough given our long association with your fine nation.

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[quote name='king of cochin' timestamp='1300764442' post='2672880']
Recruits and soldiers from African Legion would be offered courses at Infantry Skills School, Officer Training Academy and National Defense Academy of the Training Command (Army) of Royal Cochin Defense Forces.

Several hundred African Legion veterans are put on the planes for Cochin. They've just been rousted out of bed and told to pack lightly and prepare to get busy translating for the new recruits. They've done this before, most have attended at least one school in Cochin, and several two or three schools. While there they'll be doing double duty as translating and brushing up on their own skills. These men are to be the future leadership core of the newly formed African Legion units that will be blossoming to life once again.

Behind them the recruits are being given a quick and dirty shake down of military training. A few weeks of marching, drill, and physical conditioning while they are rotated over to the Kingdom's training schools.

[b]African Legion Council to all participating Vendors[/b]

Free of cost we will be making our obsolete vehicles and equipment avaliable to the vendors who are delivering equipment to our nation. Take as much as you want as in the interest of the environment we'd like to see these materials either refurbished or scrapped and resmelted.

The bulk of it is modern technology, but the recent collapse of Legion's government did not allow us to keep it in proper working order. This has left it all in very poor condition.

Again, refurbish it if you want, smelt it if you want, and feel free to take as much as you want.

(inserted: Picture of several massive scrap yards filled with entire divisions worth of tanks, apcs, and assorted vehicles that are in terrible shape due to the elements)

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The PRA Department of Defense offers the 155 mm AS-90 Self-Propelled Artillery Vehicle.


Weight: 45 tons (100,800 lb)
Length: 9.07 m (29.75 ft)
Width: 3.5 m (11.48 ft)
Height: 2.49 m (8.16 ft)
Armour max: 17 mm (0.66 in) steel
Primary Armament: 155 mm L31 39 calibre gun
Capacity: 48 rounds
Secondary Armament: L7 GPMG

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Arctica Motor works offers the African Legion the reliable and powerful [url="http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=38307"]AM-9[/url] assault rifle system, adapted from the VSIR-1267.

OOC: Not sure if you used these before back as Sudan, I know I sold you Dragunovs along with ammo.

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