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A Fire from the East

Mergerberger II

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OOC: The following is an RP based on the war that was recently fought. Consider it me RP'ing for the losses of the war.
[i]The following is a news excerpt from January 4, 2027.[/i]

ALGIERS - Massive protests have become even larger today as the economy continues its downward spiral. Some estimates have put the numbers around 100,000 in Algiers alone. All reports say that the protests are nonviolent....

[i]January 6th, 2027[/i]

In Annaba today protests organized via the internet have begun, with liberal estimates saying some 50,000 people have joined in the protests in the city center. Conservative estimates say 25,000...

[i]January 10th, 2027[/i]

Protests continue in the Algeria Region today and have spread to the Morocco Region and continue to grow. Some estimate nearly 150,000 in the center of Algiers are protesting the current government's rule and their economic policies which they claim led to the collapse....

[i]January 12th, 2027[/i]

More peaceful protests have begun in Morocco. In Casablanca's city center some 10,000 people were gathered. Meanwhile, daily protests continue to grow in numbers in Algiers.....

[i]January 20th, 2027[/i]

Protests have spread to the capital as they still grow in Algeria. Some 70,000 were estimated to have been in Rabat today as 150,000 protested in Casablanca and 250,000 in Algiers. Police continue to say that no damage has been done to public or private buildings....

[i]On January 21st, all of the above stories were erased from print and newspapers gathered and destroyed in Rabat. What follows is a series of first-hand accounts of the events following the above.[/i]

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