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Mutual Agreement


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The UFE paid the RRV a gratuitous favor by acknowledging us during our struggle for independence. We look forward to repaying them, in whatever shape or form necessary.

The Revolutionary Republic of Vancouver and the United Federation of the East agree to be united ideologically and to promote the well-being of Socialism, the world over.

[b]Article 1: Sovereignty[/b]
Both the RRV and the UFE agree to respect each others' realms of sovereignty as well as uphold it internationally.

[b]Article 2: Cooperation & Intelligence[/b]
In the event of information being found that is hazardous to one of the signatories, both nations agree to divulge the information without delay. Both nations agree to mutually support each other during adverse hardships that may occur during the existence of either nation.

[b]Article 3: Military[/b]
The UFE agrees to establish a protectorate status over the domains of the RRV. In return, the RRV agrees to supply, and or assist, the UFE in any military endeavor that they may call upon.

[b]Article 4: Cancellation[/b]
If at any time the signatories wish to cancel the mutual agreement, a 72-hour notice must be given before the document is considered null & void.

Jia, August Imperator of the United Federation of the East

James West, First President of the Revolutionary Republic of Vancouver

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