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The Dark Templar

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We, sovereign members of The Dark Templar, hereby bind ourselves to the principles and ideals of this charter including but not limited to excellence, intelligence, unity, and honor. The Dark Templar shall forever remain a federation of nations resolute on prosperity, commerce, mutual defense, and brotherhood.

Article II – Membership

Section I - Admission
a) All nations wishing to apply to The Dark Templar must complete the following requirements:
-Submit an initial application on the official alliance forums
-Change their Alliance Affiliation to “DT Probes”
-Must be able to check forums and IRC
-Must not be in war at time of application and must not be blacklisted by any alliances
-Exemptions may be awarded on individual circumstances
b) Interview may be conducted during the application process on the forums or on IRC.

Section V – Rights
a) Powers
- Any member may propose legislation, suggestions, or amendments to charter
- Any member may start a no-confidence poll for any member of government in which a 75% vote of no confidence will repeal the member in question’s position of power.
- May suggest possible promotions, demotions, or expelling to Observers
b) Conclave
- Any member of the alliance, with the rank of Templar or higher, is part of the Conclave
- May voice opinions and thoughts in Conclave discussions
- Is encouraged to take part in voting
c) Conduct
- Members may voice their opinions and feelings
-Members will be responsible for being orderly and civil both in private and in public
-Will treat other members with respect

To join or know more about Dark Templar visit- thedarktemplar.net

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[quote name='chineseboy' timestamp='1300747006' post='2672634']
D- a
A- lliance
R- eally in
K- ash$$

T- he DT family is
E- xtremely
M- oney makers
P- lease dont
L- et this opportunity past!!!!
A- re YOU
R-eady to be a Dark Templar?


as a fellow starcraft fan, i admire your attempt..don't bump though it's annoying

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