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Looking for an alliance


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Hopefully I'm not subjecting myself to massive amounts of spam, but I'm looking for an alliance that likes to have fun with the game, and doesn't freak out about their nations going to war, and to be frank, I don't want an alliance that expects their members to be on several hours a day every day, I have a life outside of this game. With that said, I have a lot of experience with this game, and just decided to make a comeback. I was one of the original members of The Democratic Order, and don't need much help beyond maybe a quick refresher on certain aspects. I'm looking to do some tech deals! I also need to set some trades up, I have gold and oil. Check out my nation:


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I thought I might spare you from an additional bombardment of PM's by presenting to you a snip directly from the Amazon Nation's Frequently Asked Questions, right here on this very page. I also tend to run out of room way too easily in those silly PM's.... :blush:

[quote][b]Activity. What would I be expected to do here? Am I going to have to check in or hold someone's hand constantly?[/b]
I'm not the only one here who has a very busy schedule outside of Planet Bob. In my primary life, I'm an old bat. I'm a Judicial Courtroom Assistant, I have many job related projects and activities as well as my own personal crafts and projects that keep me constantly occupied. How can I expect my folks to be here all day every day, when I have a hectic schedule, myself? We are very schedule-friendly, here, and that's the same whether you're a working adult or one of those younger folks I call "whippersnappers" who're busy with school. I make every effort to communicate necessary information to my folks in a way that's simplest to access, and I appreciate when they are able to check in for the latest news and gossip. I love it when they contribute, and love and encourage as much additional participation as can be mustered. There are always opportunities to grow, take on additional responsibilities, or to simply relax and enjoy the chatter. The only thing I do expect, is a rabid, frothy desire to defend the Amazon Nation and her Allies if the need ever arises. Never, ever be afraid to defend yourself and your alliance-mates, and I will go to ZI any day of the week for you.[/quote]

If this does in fact pique your curiosity, I invite you to take a tour at your leisure, and ask any additional questions you may have. And if you knew BigKif back in the day, come and say howdy. ;)


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