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Rodentia Dominatus

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To start things off, this thread is to announce the existance of Rodentia Dominatus in SE. As many of you are familiar with RD in TE, the alliance will function similarly to the way it does over there, with a few changes. Below is the charter for the alliance. Although the other 2 founders of RD are not joining with me, they are still very much a part of the alliance.
the link to our forum is:
We do not have an IRC yet.

Greetings and salivations to all who read this.
Know this and know it well, that I, (one of the 3 Founders of the alliance Rodentia Dominatus in TE) Captain B Bear do officially declare the existence of Rodentia Dominatus in Cyber Nations (Standard Edition) and now establish this charter (which has been modified from the TE RD charter to meet the needs and standards of CNSE).
We are here for the Cheesy Bacon and to have fun. All who join our ranks need to understand the basic principles of how RD works and does not work. First of all we deliver cheesy bacon to all our friends and enemies throughout CNSE, as of yet we have not managed to establish an effective delivery system. The tree-wheel drive vehicles were an epic failure. There will be new requirements and penalties which will be explained. The Government has been reworked with full explanation of that position. Truly our main objective with this alliance is to have fun, but there are rules that guide our actions.

Rodentia Dominatus Charter

Rodentia Dominatus declares itself a sovereign brown and black team alliance and we will defend ourselves if attacked, we will defend our allies in times of war, and will defend our right to a peaceful existence at all costs.

I. Statement
Rodentia Dominatus is an alliance formed and bound by Honor. As such, the members of this alliance are bound by their word and deed to maintain the Honor and Integrity of this alliance. The ideals that this alliance was formed from will continue to hold true for as long as this alliance maintains its existence.

A. Rodentia Dominatus has 5 primary ideals in which it follows:
1. Honor
2. Integrity
3. Brotherhood
4. Standing up for one’s beliefs
5. (Most important) Having Fun.

II. Origin
Rodentia Dominatus was founded during Round 2 of Cyber Nations Tournament Edition by three real life friends who came together under the ideals of having fun, brotherhood, honor, integrity, and standing up for one’s beliefs. It was during this round that the ideals and beliefs of Rodentia Dominatus were first tested, as the alliance IDIOT declared war on all nations on the brown team. After the round Rodentia remained and IDIOT was no more. As the rounds continue so will Rodentia. And now RD has come to CNSE. Be prepared to receive Cheesy Bacon

III. Membership
A. Joining
1. Applicants must fill out an application for membership and sign their name, thereby agreeing to abide by this charter.
2. Applicants may not be members of any other alliance (if they are still a member of another alliance at the time of this application, they will have to drop their old AA before they can be allowed to join).
3. All Members will register at the forum
4. Applicants agree to be completely loyal to the Government of Rodentia Dominatus
5. Applicants may not be engaged in a war at the time of application.
6. IA officers have a right to deny membership to any applicant for any reason listed or not listed depending upon the context and situation.
7. New nations admitted to Rodentia Dominatus should be on either the brown or black team unless they have pre-existing trades.

B. Leaving
1. Members may choose to leave the alliance and must do so by submitting a written resignation to the resignation topic for the membership to see.
2. Members can be expelled from the alliance at any time by the CEO due to, but not limited by: failure to follow charter, treason, or any other reason deemed acceptable.
3. Members who are expelled must change their alliance affiliation and are no longer a part of the alliance and can also be punished by ZI.

IV. Government
A. Application for Government office
1. All persons interested in holding a Government position should apply at the alliance forum. All applications should include Nation Name, Which position applying for, and the availability/activity of the player.

B. The Founders
Founders rule: the 3 founders reserve the right to adjust this charter if deemed necessary, and to make binding decisions regarding the alliance. The founders are answerable to other founders in this regard.
1. The Founders of Rodentia Dominatus, (RD), oversee the functions of RD to include the day to day operations of the Government. The Founders have the authority to over-rule a decision made by the current leadership of RD. This power is known as Founder’s rule, and can be invoked should a decision be made that violates the principles with which this alliance was founded. The Founders will remain as advisers and can hold a Government Office should there be a vacancy. The names of the Founders will not be listed publicly, but all current members of the RD government will know who they are.

C. The CEO
1. The CEO is the head of the alliance.
2. The CEO is the decision making body of the alliance.
3. The CEO is in Office for life or till resignation
4. The CEO’s job is to maintain order in the alliance and to handle the main day to day operations. The main Day to Day operations include overseeing recruitment, Diplomatic situations, preparing alliance updates, and posting new information in the forum. The CEO have the authority to establish treaties and agreements with other alliances. All Treaties and agreements must have the signature of the CEO and the MoFA to make it legitimate.

D. Ministers
The CEO often hold minister offices during times of Vacancies.
1. MOFA: Minister of Foreign Affairs: Handles all dealings with Diplomats and other alliances
2. MARS: Master of Active Recruiting Services: Conducts recruiting missions to fill the ranks of RD
3. MOPAR: Minister of Piracy and Religion: Handles Raid target selections, and RD Defense
4. HOPE: Hellion of Punishment and Evisceration: Handles the assignment of attackers on Ghosts and Rouge nations, as well as handing out punishment for violation of RD rules and Regulations
5. MOIA: Minister of Internal Affairs: Handles the Forum updates and mass messaging of the Alliance and any other internal communication needs
6. War Leader: Sets up Fire Teams and target lists, as well as sets up information gathering on enemy forces.
7. Head Hunters: The guy’s who hunts raiders and assigns defenders, and is responsible for the first strike attacks against Ghosts.

E. Deputies
1. The CEO may appoint deputies to help with specific duties or other departments

F. Team Color Senators
1. All RD members will be expected to vote for the highest NS nation in the alliance for that specific Team color (either Brown or Black) to be elected. The MoIA will send out updates as to who the alliance member should be voting for during the Senator Elections.

G. Impeachment
1. In order for a member of any of the above positions to be impeached, a trial must be held.
2. The member called in to question will have a chance to present his case in private to the founders and CEO.
3. Evidence of wrong doing or any other reason seen fit must be presented and evaluated.

H. Elections
1.Pending RD size @50 members.
2. The Board of Directors: will be an elected group of individuals from the alliance to help with the management of the alliance as it grows. There will be 1 Director for every 25 members after the alliance reaches 50 members

V. Treaties and Agreements
A. Ratification
1. RD reserves the right to sign and cancel treaties.
2. In order for a treaty to go into effect, the CEO and the MoFA must sign it.
3. No treaty will be signed in haste. The entire Government will be consulted for their opinions on the treaty before the CEO’s decision is to be made.

B. Cancellation
1. In order for a treaty to be canceled, the CEO and 2 Ministers must agree to terminate the treaty.
2. The Government will be consulted for their opinions concerning a treaty cancellation before the decision is to be made.

VI. War
a.) War will be declared by the CEO or Founders only
b.) Wars will lead and organized by the War Leader, unless that office is vacant.
c.) Fire teams will be established before the official DOW is posted on the forum. All fire teams will need to check in with their group leader prior to the engagement time.

A. Defensive War
1. RD will attempt to resolve all matters first diplomatically to avoid war.
2. In the event that RD is declared upon and diplomatic channels have been exhausted, RD will go to war in defense of itself.
3. The War Leader along with the CEO, are in command of the Military.

B. Offensive War
1. RD will attempt to resolve all matters first diplomatically to avoid war.
2. In order for war to be declared, the CEO must have a general consensus from the entire cabinet of Ministers.
4. The War Leader along with the CEO, are in command of the Military.

C. Wars By Treaty
1. RD will honor all mandatory military treaties if called upon by the other signatory. This fact is non-negotiable unless clear evidence of wrong doing is present but may be negotiated in the case of Treaty conflicts.

D. Nuclear Policy
1. During peace time and in tech raids, no nuclear weapons are to be used on any nation without the permission from the War Leader, MOPAR, or the CEO.
2. During war time, no nuclear weapons are to be used on any nation without the permission from the War Leader, MOPAR, or the CEO.
3. In the event that a nation is attacked with nuclear weapon, that nation may defend himself in nuclear war without further consent. That nation, and any other nation engaged with the same target may defend RD with their nukes.

VII. Rules, Regulations, and Punishments/Penalties.
A. Rules
1. Have Fun (self explanatory)
2. Follow orders!
3. Raiding
a. Raids will be conducted with a level of dignity and respect. Keep in mind that as a raider you are stealing from the other nation, and are subject to retaliation from them and their allies.
b. The Green Acres Rules for raiding are applicable, but with our own stipulations to them.
c. Raids must be declared as raids and that peace will be offered.
d. Nations that are apart of alliances that RD is allied with or friends are not to be targeted targets, Nations that are apart of an alliance that has 20 or more members is not a valid target unless specified by Members of Government.
e. All Raids must be cleared by the MOPAR before the raid declaration can be sent
4. War declarations are to specified and kept clean
5. Members of RD will not participate in Slot filling
6. Follow the rules of Cyber Nations
7. No Ghosting or Going Rogue.
a. RD does not tolerate Ghosts or Rogues, and will discourage them from doing such(by force).

B. Regulations – Cover responses to attacks on RD members and messages from non-RD nations
1. Raiders: Any nation that raids a RD nation is subject to defensive attacks. The defender Nations war declarations should read “RD Defense” or something along those lines. There will be 3 Defenders to every one raider (if possible).
2. Foreign Affairs: All messages from non-RD members pertaining to wars, request for assistance, Diplomats, and ECT. Will be directed to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) or the CEO or the MOPAR. Any non-Government member should copy the message and send it on to the afore mentioned groups, and should then reply to the requestor with the name of the MOFA, CEO, or MOPAR and direct them to make contact with one of them.

VIII. In-Game Spy Policy
A Spying policy
1. Spying against Rodentia is held on same grounds as declaring war upon Rodentia and will be dealt with first diplomatically.
2. Rodentia members are not to spy on aligned nations during peace time without permission from the War Leader or the MOPAR.
3. Self spying on RD nations is technically illegal in game during war time and is therefore condemned by RD and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.
4. RD’s spy policy is subject to change and pardons may be granted by the CEO.

C. Espionage
1. Espionage such as, but not limited to: stealing of RD documents, releasing sensitive material, etc. will not be tolerated by RD and is considered treason.
2. These instances will be dealt with on a case by case basis and punishment will come from a decision by the CEO and may result in but are not limited to expulsion and ZI.

IX. Other
A. Exploiting
1. If a member is accused of exploiting a loophole in this charter that is not illegal by definition, but that case will go to the CEO for review on whether the exploit was done with ill intentions.
2. Punishment will be decided by the HOPE on these matters.
a. Punishments and Penalties generally used, but not limited to;
1. First Offence: A warning
2. Second Offense: 2nd Warning and Probationary Status
3. Third Offense: Expulsion from the alliance for 7 days
b. Any nation that has been expelled from the alliance and does not change their AA will be listed as a Ghost, and then will have 24 hours to change their AA or be attacked

B. Use your brain
1. Just because it isn't in charter, doesn't mean you should do it.
2. Use your brain and think about whether the decision you are making is really a good idea and the effect of that on other people's opinions of you.

X. Amendments
This charter can be amended with by a 2/3rds majority vote by the entire Government, or a Founder invoking the Founders Rule. These amendments will be listed below. Any member of the alliance may suggest an amendment to the charter with a formal written proposal.

(I do hope that this is in the right place)
Captain B Bear
CEO Rodentia Dominatus

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Good luck to you. I'd also like to mention that most raiding alliances here on Planet Bob have a lower membership count before that alliance is off limits. (IE, most alliances state that any AA with over 5-10 members is off limits to raiders). But to each their own. Should be an interesting crossover :D

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[quote name='Captain B Bear' timestamp='1300688552' post='2671980']
Thanks for the welcome and the heads up.
Also Hey Doc. Indeed longtime.

you should swing by DT's forums mate. http://thedarktemplar.net/forum/index.php

and our IRC is #dt on coldfront.

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[quote]B. Offensive War
1. RD will attempt to resolve all matters first diplomatically to avoid war.


3. Raiding
a. Raids will be conducted with a level of dignity and respect. Keep in mind that as a raider you are stealing from the other nation, and are subject to retaliation from them and their allies.[/quote]
An alliance that attempts to avoid war through diplomacy and condones stealing from other nations by force. You'll fit in just fine here.

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welcome to Bob (the real one)

i also have 2 comments/questions:

1. what if i prefer sausage to bacon?

2. [quote]Keep in mind that as a raider you are stealing from the other nation, and are subject to retaliation from them and their allies. [/quote]

^ This sums up my views entirely! :lol1:

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I've had he pleasure of fighting you guys over on Planet Steve several times, and you were always respectful and honorable in my experience. Not to mention skilled fighters. So welcome to SE, I hope you guys succeed!

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[quote name='King Xander the Only' timestamp='1300704182' post='2672120']
As a TE crossover alliance, I assume you'll be leading the charge in creating eternal war. Am I correct in this assumption, or will I be disappointed yet again?
Well that is a hope, but we still have to work on numbers before we will be ready to fight.

[quote name='Prodigal Moon' timestamp='1300710510' post='2672166']
An alliance that attempts to avoid war through diplomacy and condones stealing from other nations by force. You'll fit in just fine here.
We sure hope so

[quote name='Alaric' timestamp='1300710656' post='2672167']
welcome to Bob (the real one)

i also have 2 comments/questions:

1. what if i prefer sausage to bacon?


^ This sums up my views entirely! :lol1:
Well we only deal in the delivery of Cheesy Bacon, I'd have to speak to our R&D division to see if we have the ability to male sausage.

[quote name='Ashoka the Great' timestamp='1300749032' post='2672668']
I seem to recall that several Nordreich members have belonged to this group that claims to exist in another dimension. Feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken.

Regardless, welcome, good luck, have fun, thank you come again, etc.
Yes many members of Nordriech have belonged to our TE version, and we hope to maintain our freindship with them.

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