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  1. rand0m her0

    Do you want the TE alliance feature in SE?

        Oh no GPA has more pixels than my alliance how unfair?
  2. rand0m her0

    Do you want the TE alliance feature in SE?

        Given that we have no small number of nations who ran out of things to do several years ago? For something as utterly unexciting as this, we can reasonably expect a percentage of stragglers who don't give enough of a damn, and that it will take awhile  to get them all back on the AA       As do I in mine. We could keep a watch over all *checks* 296 IRON members as they make their way back to the AA, what I'm questioning is the value of the kind of effort that implies. AA hopping rogues are neither that common, nor a real problem, ghosts are simply a nice source of target practice. It should be entirely possible to switch over to the the new system without this much trouble.       Yes because there are clearly a massive pile of large alliances with massive activity issues hemorrhaging 40 nations a day to deletion but managing to buoy themselves with recruitment..... 
  3. rand0m her0

    Do you want the TE alliance feature in SE?

        Then you're vastly overestimating your alliances activity levels, or are just plain batshit. 
  4. rand0m her0

    Do you want the TE alliance feature in SE?

        Regardless of whether it's admins job to worry about those players, it is the job of their alliances and this improvement to the game is a solution to a non-issue "affecting" the alliances who will be most inconvenienced by that solution. It is Admins job to not pointlessly waste our time. 
  5. rand0m her0

    Do you want the TE alliance feature in SE?

        Persistent rogues AA hopping and Ghosts. The former are annoying because of the Persistent rogue rather than AA hopping bit, and the inconvenience of the latter is offset by the convenient target practice
  6. rand0m her0

    Do you want the TE alliance feature in SE?

        If a fraction of your alliance can't be arsed to check the game in time, or just doesn't give enough of a fuck to keep track of what day a browser game they only kinda care about anymore, its 4-5 people, and who cares. The same fraction in a 300 member alliance has us spending a month running after 40+ people. Given that it's the larger alliances who primarily deal with the problems this is supposed to fix...   No solution should take more effort and inconvenience to implement than the problem it purports to fix.
  7. rand0m her0

    Do you want the TE alliance feature in SE?

        The problem is not the effort of typing in one line, but the clusterfuck of organizing a few thousand typings of that line over a freaking month while dealing with the idiots who think they should take advantage of the chaos. It's not worth it for the minor benifit stopping the odd AA hopper or ghosts, the former who can be dealt with by 5 seconds in a query and the latter by a few cruise missles.        This. The new system is superior, unfortunately the planned transition will create more work than the problems its ment to solve ever have.        Says the guy in a thirty member alliance.
  8. rand0m her0

    Do you want the TE alliance feature in SE?

    No. It'll create a massive amount of hassle, especially when dealing with large alliances; migrating 100-300 members and  then cleaning up the cockwads whole will go "Herp derp they're on None! TECH RAAAAAID" will be all kinds of not fun, for no gain. We've been successful in keep undesirables off our AA's for 7 years now, and it probably took less effort over that whole time than organizing this kind of clusterfuck will.     Either find a way to port the current AAs over and then manually set the leaders, or don't bother.
  9. rand0m her0

    Nation Sitting Rules Question

    Was poking through the ntion sitting section, and a bit of idle curiosity hit me. The Rules for nation sitting state: You will never be allowed to aid, trade, or war with/along side of the nation you sit again. Any outstanding trades or foreign aid will be cancelled and marked as cheating as soon as the sitter logs on to the sat nation. Most of this is pretty simple, however it leaves open the possible (though unlikley) event of a nation declaring war on both players at the same time. Should that happen what would be the outcome?
  10. rand0m her0

    Declaration from IRON on behalf of MN

    [quote name='Merlinus' timestamp='1295414868' post='2582863'] So, a FAP has no Article III? :) Good luck to all! great fappin emoticon, too! LOL [/quote] *points to his signature*
  11. rand0m her0

    Wrong Wording?

    [quote name='Fizzydog' date='19 June 2010 - 04:15 PM' timestamp='1276978504' post='2343109'] Yes, I believe it did for me. Though I exactly can't remember I think I actually got a small fraction of land. [/quote] What this fellow said. I've had a few "defeats" where I've still done the maximum (or near it anyways) damage. It's mildly funny when it happens.
  12. rand0m her0

    Aircraft Attacks

    Low level aircraft don't have bomb sights and the bombardier is permanently drunk it seems. Either don't bother with air attacks at your size unless you really need to or get 300 tech so you can buy planes that don't suck. With low level planes you need 20-30 of them to do semi-decent damage on a regular basis and that will get shot down by anyone with a fighter heavy air force. That and using them in a tech raid is all kinds of stupid.
  13. rand0m her0

    The New Grämlins

    [quote name='Aeternos Astramora' date='07 May 2010 - 09:47 PM' timestamp='1273283209' post='2290890'] Edit: Gre just lost two more nations totaling 130K NS. Anybody know who they are? That's with a 58K NS nation and a 185K NS nation sitting near deletion (23 days). Ooh, and Gre is only 1K NS greater than Argent now. [/quote] One fellow joined MHA, the other one is Bobdole and right now it seems they've ducked off the AA thinking we can't find em then or something. Edit: Actually that comes to around 175k NS, so looks like someone deleted as well.
  14. rand0m her0

    Battle Screen Bug

    Do you have any troops deployed when you view the ground attack screen post-nuke.