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  1. [quote name='Bob Janova' date='24 March 2010 - 11:47 PM' timestamp='1269445608' post='2235275'] Well I guess this is the final death of the idea that everyone is welcome in Aqua. I never really agreed with you on much but a successful colour should be able to accommodate alliances from all parts of the web. [/quote] you speak as though there was either subtle or overt pressure to force NATO off Aqua. Mind sharing your sources? Good luck with the move NATO, hope you have luck finding the trades you need.
  2. Simple fact, We made mistakes so did TOP. Whoever made the first misstep is irrelevant because both side believes that the other party made the first misstep. Did we lie? I don't know as I'm not in Gov. Did the manner of TOP's entry into the war and its DoW made any difference? I would say yes. Therein lies the crucial difference in opinion. I'm sorry but no matter how i read it, I don't see it as TOP coming in on behalf of NpO but rather to take advantage of the current chaos to launch an attempt to devastate CnG. Events might have proven this view wrong later, but you can't deny that this
  3. [quote name='Haflinger' date='20 February 2010 - 07:24 AM' timestamp='1266621875' post='2192617'] Are you suggesting that part of TOP's terms should be the banning of Crymson from government, similar to how caffine was barred from Echelon government and Chris Kaos banned from GATO government? [/quote] It could be an option instead of reps. Seeing that he seemed to be acting on his own personal agenda (maybe), his actions to the ouside world will always be tainted by the suspicion. It does not have to be a total ban, but more along the highest level of the government and maybe the FA side
  4. [quote name='Saber' date='20 February 2010 - 12:30 AM' timestamp='1266597020' post='2192109'] Yes, it's by choice. While I am not ignorant to our situation it does not change the fact that regardless of circumstances we won't leave until everyone else does. [/quote] just a query, knowing crymsom's massive dislike for C&G, will he ever be put into a position again where he could act out his innermost dislikes, bearing mind that his actions could always have the suspicion that it's motivated by his dislikes.
  5. [quote name='MCRABT' date='19 February 2010 - 06:03 PM' timestamp='1266573801' post='2191821'] Oh my using TOP's aiding of alliances on their-side of the war after you bandwagoned onto their allies with no reason to speak of other than Gremlins right of sovereignty is a pretty poor justification of negating your treaties. Personally I think we have found our replacement for the old ODN. [/quote] I will just repost a summary of my questions/conversation I had with a member of TOP, also ex-GRE 1) Did TOP not break the spirit of the treaty by attacking MK? whom I believe any of the ex-Gre me
  6. [quote name='Bob Janova' date='18 February 2010 - 08:36 PM' timestamp='1266496563' post='2189552'] Lol ... so much for the infamous non 'draconian terms'. 350k tech for 45 minutes of war before being held there. [/quote] You at looking at the whole situation from a 10 day later point of view. Look at it another way, as a member of C&G, 45 minutes after that incendiary DoW by Crymsom and attacks by TOP and IRON, do you think that member of C&G would be ready to accept peace? Which brings me to my next point, did no one in TOP or IRON vetted through the DoW? Did no one actually tho
  7. Hi Syz, 1) Based on your reading of the situation, TOP wants white peace, but MK wants terms before it will stop the war. 2) The words of the leader of an alliance represents the alliance. While Crymsom might have been speaking from emotions, emotions have also been raised on the other side. Whatever the official reasons for TOP's entry into the war, you can't argue that one of his underlying motive to enter this war is coloured by his prejudice against C&G. You can't blame MK for not accepting White Peace when the leader of an alliance openly admits to declaring war to crush C&G.
  8. [quote name='President Obama' date='15 February 2010 - 12:33 PM' timestamp='1266208412' post='2182181'] I don't know how you jumped to this line of thought as Crymson is not TOP Gov. This makes it unlikely that it is the official stance of TOP. [/quote] yeah my fault on that.. I read that thread but forgot all about it.... but seeing that Crymson pretty much was the public face of TOP for so long and at the start of the war, was still leading TOP, his words do carry a certain weight. Anyway, GGA while not being the best fighters, did show that they valued their friendship over their inf
  9. [quote name='Crymson' date='15 February 2010 - 08:05 AM' timestamp='1266192321' post='2181555'] Too bad, and somewhat shameful. Thanks for your contribution to the war, I guess. [/quote] too bad TOP's war aid to GGA wasn't that much useful eh? though it sure had a positive impact on my warchest. Is this TOP's official stance? If it is, with friends like this, who needs enemies. One hopes that GGA starts choosing its allies wisely.
  10. hurray fror chaining... so when are you going to chain such that you can attack your selves? ridiculous...
  11. So everyone that comes into this thread criticising our actions agree that TOP/IRON has the right to make a pre-emptive strike on C&G, which at that point was not involved in the war at all. While Gre coming in to defend their ex-allies, thru a cancelled treaty and which they have stated clearly in their cancellation thread that though the treaty has been cancelled, the spirit of the treaty remains. NpO attacked \m/ due to their tech-raid against an established alliance with whom they have no relations to. Apparently all 3 actions are not in the form of CN norms, but the view I'm get
  12. yeah I know, but I'm getting convinced that TOP ain't too happy with us. So that's probably the best solution. We can argue semantics till the cows come home and the bottom line is, if TOP didn't make this blunder, things might not have degenerated to this stage. Anyway, TOP created this mess, so they will have to live with it.
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