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  1. Sorry to see you all leave, but I get it. At least you are going out with style. Best of luck.
  2. Those early CnG times were the best. It's good to see so many old faces in this thread. Thanks for the good times.
  3. I joined right after GWII. I think everyone I talked to back then is gone.
  4. [quote name='The Pansy' timestamp='1318626896' post='2825127'] Its The Last Remnants, no one over there is lost. [/quote] but we used to be =LOST=... Congrats on a year tLR
  5. Legion did something? Good show. There may just be a glimmer of respect waiting for you on the other end of what is to come.
  6. Wait a minute. I voted yes to a DoW on NPO. wtf is an ODP? o/ TLR o/ NPO
  7. Big improvement, especially the war flag. I'd like to see that one in game.
  8. [quote name='Laslo Kenez' timestamp='1314204586' post='2787705'] We need to find some complaints to file, all the necessary grievance processes must be seen to. Bureaucrats [/quote] No. You need to find some grievances to file and all the necessary complaints must be seen too. It's mistakes like these that are clogging up the works.
  9. I love the theme, and I like that you went Baratheon. Best of luck.
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