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  1. I remember the old "Nerdiest Treaty Ever" uniting Gondor with LOST. I have always enjoyed the treaty between our alliances and wish you all luck wherever you end up.
  2. Please don't, he doesn't need his ego artificially inflated any more! I'm sorry :(
  3. Congrats Hooligans. I don't know many from this lineup, a problem I will have to rectify.
  4. Please point out where anyone is CnG has ever done this? I'll wait. CnG does not, and has never, condoned spying especially of this sort that serve no tactical or political purpose other than rubbing your opponents nose in the dirt. I like the argument though, that because somebody, somewhere made fun of a losing alliance that justifies it in all cases. Nice logic and nice world you guys are building here. Also, thanks for welcoming me to Bob. I guess I missed my welcoming committee those 6 years ago when I, you know, actually joined Bob.
  5. I ran the numbers a while back and Magicninja is right, the % of available defensive slots filled for GATO has been much less than for any other CnG alliance. They just weren't being targeted as much, so you would expect a lower % NS lost. Also, it makes sense to post a TWiX-type expose when you are on the losing side of a war and are trying to build political capital. This publication, however, I just don't see the point. It feels cheap and immature to try and kick an alliance on the losing side of war. Is it just a way to stroke the ego?
  6. Apart from being a very poor joke (you can do better), it doesn't even logically follow from any honest assessment of the statistics presented in this thread.
  7. This seems to be what the OP is trying to say. However, this is a completely nonsensical way to interpret these data.
  8. NpO have actually all been quality opponents for me this war. I've been pleasantly surprised.
  9. I am a man of many words, yet this has left me speechless.
  10. Was this intentional irony? Because if so, good show mate.
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