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  1. Mongose VIII Hermany

    Declaration of reExistence

    Good luck to Valhalla,   Wishing you all the best my old Bud.
  2. Mongose VIII Hermany

    Decree of The Templar Knights

    Wooo for forum change!!! Wish I never knew what I know about Cy, it's just wrong. --- KeyStroke - Our old forum was set up by our old Advisor(2nd in command) and was fine for 2 years(a year after he left the game) until he's had personal problems and had to spend some time away. Our forum happened to trip over our awesomeness about a week after he went away for 3 months, and here we are!! Dem bee skillzzz
  3. Mongose VIII Hermany

    the most CRAPtastic treaty

    CRAP It did take a longggg time I must admit but great to see it out in the light of the world now
  4. Mongose VIII Hermany

    The Templar Knights

    Oh TTK, you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind! Hey TTK!! Hey TTK!! ^^See now thats awesomenessity!!^^
  5. Mongose VIII Hermany

    The Templar Knights

    The fact is that if your in TTK you are beyond awesomenessity, you are beyond any word that anyone can ever come up with... you are basically...
  6. Mongose VIII Hermany

    Joint Asgaard and TTK Announcement.

    [quote name='commander thrawn' timestamp='1283275853' post='2437203'] Chris maybe, I donno about you, you have always been a slacker. As for DonG yes all he does is spam and thats why he is useful as a member [/quote] *Cough* Excuse me I've been a full on member for 3 forums worth of TTK and never been a full on spamer.... Also: Cy = win And also Thrawn = a little less win that Cy but still win due the Asgaardness Again on the lack of maroonness, well Asgaard were maroon when we were setting this up and then, well, we sort of got distracted by the shiny ball.
  7. Mongose VIII Hermany

    Joint Asgaard and TTK Announcement.

    This is just full of win - Asgaard
  8. Mongose VIII Hermany

    The Templar Knights

    [center] [color=#7B1113][size="6"][u][b][font="Book Antiqua"]The Templar Knights[/font][/b][/u][/size][/color] [img]http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee185/Master_Rex/CyberNations%20Flags/Active%20Flags/TTK.jpg[/img] [url=http://s1.zetaboards.com/The_Templar_Knights/index/]TTK Alliance Homepage[/url] irc://irc.coldfront.net/ttk [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WpHJiNSLuHo]Templar Knights Video - It rocks!!!![/url] [size="4"][i][b]Do Your Duty, Come What May[/b][/i][/size] [/center] [size="4"][font="Book Antiqua"][u]Introduction to The Templar Knights (TTK)[/u][/font][/size] We are the oldest alliance in Maroon with around 100members alongside an excellent and experienced leadership who have spent over 10years in Cybernations. We are more than just an alliance we are a family, a brother and sisterhood of fellow Knights. You will not be just a number here. You will be an honorable knight, part of a family of knights that strive for peace but prepare for war. We know how to take care of our own. [size="4"][font="Book Antiqua"][u]What do The Templar Knights have to offer?[/u][/font][/size] The Templar Knights offer aid packages that can rapidly increase your nation size and strength as well as offering protection with our well organised military. Being a medium sized alliance we can offer aid to help your nation grow to fulfil it’s potential, put that alongside a large quantity of tech sellers and a vast number of tech buyers, The Templar Knights offers a great opportunity for nations of any size. The Templar Knights also have a democratic heart to the alliance with the Elder Council role voted upon every 3 months, we also have many other roles within the Military and Government so you can participate at the level you choose, or simply relax in our leisure forums. You make your choice on how involved you want to be. We are also closely tied with the large maroon alliances in the "Chestnut Accords" so finding trade partners as well as personal safety should be acceptable to anyone who enters our ranks. [size="4"][font="Book Antiqua"][u]List of programs[/u][/font][/size] [list] [*]Guides and help for both The Templar Knights and Cybernations available as soon as you have registered. [*]Mentoring: Members welcome new nations into the order through mentoring by sharing experiences from their own nations development. All you have to do is ask for help and you will get it. [*]Nation Builder program that will guarantee growth - we also start other new programs on a regular basis so there is something you will qualify for. [/list] [size="4"][font="Book Antiqua"][u]What the Templar Knights ask from you[/u][/font][/size] All that The Templar Knights wish in return is that you stay as active as possible so that you won’t miss anything and so that you will be up to date on what your brethren are up too. We would also like our members to spam as much as you can but it’s up to you really. [size="4"][font="Book Antiqua"][u]Let us ask you a question...[/u][/font][/size] We do not judge people in The Templar Knights. We welcome any member of planet bob, no matter what your past may have held unless, of course, those past actions would bring the alliance harm. When you become a Templar Knight your past is forgotten and your future begins. So do you have what it takes to be an Honorable Templar Knight? [color=#7B1113][size="4"][font="Book Antiqua"][b][u]Links[/u][/b][/font][/size][/color] [url="http://s1.zetaboards.com/The_Templar_Knights/index/"]TTK Forum[/url] [url="http://cybernations.wikia.com/wiki/TTK#The_Charter"]TTK Charter[/url]