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  1. Mechanics make people come and build up routines. Communities make people stay. This game has always been the complete polar opposite of a Skinner box, a system that does everything in its power to discourage logins and basic repetitive maintenance activities. It's a real testament to the alliances that anyone still plays, despite the game itself.
  2. Holy poops, CNG still exists!? I mean... Pit Vipers reporting in! How's this game doing? I see many familiar faces and few nations.
  3. Congrats on quite the achievement. I remember you guys back from the LUE days, when you were one of our first allies. I might even still have an old account gathering dust on your forums. Holding the attention of players past the first rewarding few weeks. I shared a few thoughts on this in the Nations in the World topic a few months back. Much of the data in my graph was scraped from people posting their scores in old topics about CN on random forums, where I watched community after community spring up, flourish, and leave the game in slightly angry boredom after half a year of play. I agr
  4. Throwing my idea in: the retro look, I thought it fitting for this game I can overhaul them if the lack of a game logo is a problem
  5. I agree that players bear a lot of the burden of making the game fun, but it's a hard task these days. The problem with CN itself is that it's actually really boring, and all the fun that's been had here has actually happened despite the game. Games of this type usually use instant gratification to grab players and condition them to stay. CN, on the other hand, has extremely delayed gratification beyond the first few weeks of nation building. It actually discourages you from playing often and forces you to save up and wait for smaller and smaller incremental gains, like two and a half weeks fo
  6. Now that GOONS have shuffled off, has anyone inherited their tracking and data?
  7. How accessible are the forums from a mobile browser? Getting people in the game's nice and all, but there needs to be a direct way for them to get into the politics.
  8. And as I've mentioned, this couldn't be more ridiculously different from what's actually happening. The last reviews are more than half a decade old. The last good buzz is from about 06-07 when people were first discovering it. About a year later is a wave of incredibly pissed former players cursing the game out. After that are sporadic mentions followed by questions of whether the game is still here and still dying, and a few old former players actively discouraging new people from joining. This is what potential players will see when looking for what this game is about. Also the Urban Dictio
  9. I think "the WOW of its genre" is NS. It's been around a few years longer than CN, has over 100k players, and at its lowest point had a few thousand more players than CN had at its peak. It also has no combat system, which makes it 100% debate and community, and might be the thing that kept it going for so long. It could be that people can see themselves joining a community and still being a part of it ten years down the line, but few people can see themselves playing a game for that long, especially not continuously which was the case before inactivity mode. The war mechanic screws that up be
  10. It's what I made it for. Data points are right there in the spoiler if you want them.
  11. It exists to me. Peak Cyber Nations occurred on March 3, 2007, with a total of 40,820 nations. I'd like to see you plot your recent graphs with the addition of my data set. Putting it together was a fun scavenger hunt. [spoiler]Column 1: NATION COUNT (291 entries) 6,179 8,002 8,680 11,261 12,858 12,820 18,551 19,099 19,125 19,159 19,908 20,137 20,472 20,995 20,813 20,915 21,059 21,798 21,919 22,077 22,544 22,544 23,120 23,897 23,832 24,387 25,554 27,913 30,732 31,264 30,717 32,355 32,813 33,230 33,169 33,635 33,636 35,634 37,361 37,926 38
  12. I agree, there's no reason why they shouldn't get peace. They have members, a mission statement, an alliance forum, and a wiki page. They posted a war declaration, and now are suing for peace. Do the gentlemanly thing and give it to them.
  13. This is a pretty good point. War details could be sent to each combatant via in-game message, or put on a category similar to successful spy ops, where they can be seen only by the nations involved once they have been deleted from the war and battle screen, unless someone does a Gather Intelligence operation against them. Going off the radar is a successful strategy that is being used by the underdogs in the current round of wars to hold their ground against numerically superior opponents, and removing such a strategy seriously limits the counterplay opportunities in such a situation, only rei
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