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  1. You're not breathing new life into the NAAC. Your actions can be likened to digging up a well decomposed corpse and hooking it up to electrodes with the misguided hope that said body will live again. Instead of life your labours will be met with a cooked decomposed corpse and one nasty bloody stench. My association with the NAAC may be long past but it is a real association nonetheless, something you clearly lack.
  2. Updated OP to reflect most recent elections and appointments.
  3. Updated the OP to reflect current government.
  4. I would say half our 'allies' not being our friends had a lot more to do with our downfall.
  5. Hehe, I remember that. I'd definitely vote for that as one of the most irresponsible and stupid things an alliance leader has ever done in this game.
  6. Of course we didn't like TOP, they were trolling the !@#$ out of anything related to Polar. Whether we would have actually rolled on them or not is pure conjecture on your part and thus irrelevant. We were prepared to assist GGA in a situation where we thought they were being hard done by. Sure we didn't have a great opinion of Citadel but that doesn't mean we pushed for war simply because Citadel was on the other side. You assume too much and know too little.
  7. Paranoia does funny things to some people. During my entire time involved in Polar government (many a year) I have yet to come across the 'secret kill TOP plans'. Apparently they are/were there though, even if those of us in the government don't know about them.
  8. You know Tela, for months I've been hearing about how I had a secret agenda or I lied or I had no evidence. Since your slanderous accusations continue to be prevalent (perhaps it is all Echelon has left?) I've decided to set a few things straight. You constantly talk about how I did this or that, and yet this is the first I've ever heard of it. There are rumours of some screenshot proving your story, where is it? I've got plenty of logs and screen shots. It's time for a little show and tell. Back in the day before the BLEU war, I was approached by a reliable source claiming NADC nations were
  9. I dunno, 'pANS CLOT TONS' has a certain ring to it.... I also like the sound of Constant Slop
  10. I will continue to forever oppose anything with 'ice floe' in it.
  11. The HCW will happily expend it's legal jurisdiction into the domain of Frostbite. And yus, the awesomeness of this thread is only limited by the supply of ale between our four alliances. Limitless.
  12. It's been an enjoyable three years in Polaris with no lack of drama llamas. /me rolls out the party ale
  13. That's because you scare easily MT... And yus Doch, you were definitely part of the old guard.
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