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  1. [quote name='Dark Temptation' timestamp='1340857302' post='2999029'] Taut and Joe did tell you from the beginning. The fact that some of RoK's more substantial allies chose to ignore the notification, or simply seemed not to care removes any fault from Ragnarok. That's why it was so @#%^ed up for the rest of SF (Xiph) to go behind RoK's back and organize hits on the 'other' side of that war. [/quote] Completely bull. We were given the green light by Taut and Rampage. Do you know how we found out that RoK was defending Polar? Rumors that RoK was sitting in Polar's coalition channel and I wa
  2. Sad to see you guys go, FOK. There were some great times working with you guys, it's just a damn shame we never really formalized relations, both Bastion and individual wise. RIP FOK and good luck in NG (Don't forget to go fast right!)
  3. Can't believe we've made it this long. Onwards to 6!
  4. I hope those consulates bern hard, Fark!
  5. [quote name='Sigrun Vapneir' timestamp='1308597314' post='2736023'] So both sides agree that they never explicitly said they wouldnt be defending Polar. Why wouldnt your assumption be that if their ally was attacked they would defend, unless and until you were directly told otherwise? I would expect that to be the case with an ally, or if I didnt expect that to be the case I would be wondering why they were my ally. [/quote] When one party (RoK) is taking part in the war planning and participating in a discussion about which front SF might go on in the upcoming war, in conjunction with a
  6. [quote name='EgoFreaky' timestamp='1308588705' post='2735940'] Wut the hell are you talking about? GOD didn't race RoK, GOD didn't even set the time of the attack since they oA'ed with us and thus had to post their DoW after we posted ours. An attack we announced 2/3 days in advance, with specified date and time, and NOONE least of all RoK complained about. Now isn't it strange that if it was so clear that RoK would defend polar they didn't even say anything to stop us from joining the other side of the war? Know the funniest part of it? Not only did tautology nor rampage stop us or tel
  7. I wonder how long it'll be until Kev is Emperor once again.
  8. Congrats Divi! Hope you stocked up on caffeine and headache relief pills during your break!
  9. Did you really think we wouldn't know?
  10. [quote name='Natan' timestamp='1299445028' post='2654611'] Xiph is what is wrong with CN, plain and simple. A CN without him is a far brighter world and anyone who thinks different needs to open their eyes. He is the sole member of the upper echelon of alliance leaders trying to carry on the New Pacific Order's old style of play that we all fought so hard with to destroy. [/quote] Amusing. I'll remember this the next time you and your allies request our assistance.
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