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  1. 12 minutes ago, HiredGun said:

    "We've noticed that D1 and AW have shown no willingness to deal with the threat."


    First of all D1 and AW are at war so I'm not sure what you're expecting while that war is active. Still D1 was able to start preemptive strikes a couple of days ago to try weakened their impact and we could only use a couple of D1 vets who only signed up to help with trades. 



    But I understand these are frustrating times for BC and I do empathize.



    We get it. You have your fight, we have ours.


    If anything I'm glad we have a seemingly endless amount of willing lambs bound for the cosmic slaughter of Boognish.

  2. 12 hours ago, HeroofTime55 said:

    For clarity, this is not a "one nation" announcement, this is an alliance announcement, 64Digits is back.  64Digits has a long and ancient history as a "micro" of great significance, a history which, as founder, is my proudest contribution to this game. 

    This trend, of certain parties deciding that they will be the sole arbiters of the "legitimacy" of alliances, is a farce and a fantasy - and it's dangerous to any alliance that values their sovereignty.  Alliances and their members have the right to self-determination.  64Digits does not acknowledge the precedent that some are attempting to set.

    And yes, our doors are open to new members, for any who would like to join.  You can PM me here with any official inquires, membership applications, or diplomatic requests.


    Realistically when you think about it and compare today's global nation count with that of say, 10 years ago. A 1-man alliance has more or less the same clout as a 10-20 man micro from back in the day.


    COBRA is an ardent believer in self-determination and firmly believe in supporting the rights of those who seek independence and individuality within the Microverse. The legitimacy of an alliance is not to be determined solely by mere nation count. There are many who choose to go it alone who have far more personality and political savvy than most of the rank and file of [Insert any Top 10 AA here]


    Good luck with your crusade. If they're efficient enough (or call in backup) you'll be soon fighting armpit/Kaznawim/Smitty and Velocity on loop for a few rounds.

  3. 1 hour ago, RoadRash said:

    i blame HG ,LH  and the second HG aris :P 


    If you knew aris as well as I did? Well you'd know how wrong that is.


    Oh and for the record, I do speak for the Cult:


    I don't care what the two of you do to each other or why.


    So I hope you both have a happy smashy smashy time together.


    With love,

    The Stallion.



  4. 6 hours ago, Joseph Black said:



    Another copycat come to volunteer as a chew toy. While I'm grateful you're all so willingly throwing away your nations for nothing as it saves us the trouble of dealing with you in any meaningful way. If you are actually invested in saving the world or making at least an interesting effort at derailing us. You should have all gotten together to plot and plan. I mean Gibs did it better at least his DoW had a proper flag.


    Joseph M. Black


    You know this isn't HoT's first crusade as 64Digits right? He's 'thrown away' his nation at far more competent players in the past and is still here, whereas they are (mostly) gone.


    I'd be a little more concerned about being a target of copycats if I were you. Your reputation is being challenged and at a certain point you have to ask yourself: Why is that?

  5. 180130_vod_orig_sotu_notable_lines_MIX2_

    Squelch the little Weasel,

    Crush him before he spawns,

    Break it too me gently,

    With merriment and song.


    Greetings citizens of Steve, The Stallion is here once more.


    Earlier today, nations from the 'Peaceful Sapiophobes' declared a number of wars against the Boognish Cult.

    Including our very Lord Boognish!


    The Sapiophobes had been given a free pass for their past transgressions.

    There will be no second chances for unrepentent, cowardly blasphemers.



    Boognish Cult hereby recognises a state of war with The Peaceful Sapiophobes

    May Admin have mercy on your pixels, for Boognish will have none.


    Taste the Waste o7

  6. boog_.png&key=a129ae8b9bf769aa8786b00654

    Push the Little Daisies and make 'em come up.


    Greetings from The Stallion, the hand of our lord Boognish.

    We welcome all civilizations back to this planet you call Steve and wish you all a happy pixel sacrifice!


    For those unlucky of you to enter the gates of the cult compound while they were open, we regret to inform you that the Cult will not be accepting any new recruits as of this date.


    For those who still wish to seek the blessings of Boognish, we would like to invite you to frolic on the freshly cultivated Brown Team sphere where Boognish will determine whether or not you be blessed with the protection of the Cultists.


    To those who refer to themselves as the "Peaceful Sapiophobes" we welcome you to this planet. We too are new to this land and made our fair share of mishaps along the way. In the spirit of this and with a new round beginning the lord Boognish has decided to overlook your attempts to poach loyal Cultists. Boognish has also chosen to overlook your attempted warmongering after heated exchanges of words, you are after-all "Peaceful" allegedly and we realise words hurt those who do not use sticks and stones like the rest of us.




    Now let us all commence the Squelching of the Weasel.

    Buckingham Green awaits:

    Taste the Waste.


    Boognish - The Bumblebee

    Pandy Fackler -The Stallion







  7. 10 hours ago, tobbogon said:

    Former Oculus member here (Sengoku, Umbrella)— y’all should try it. Just bow down to them. What’s the point really? They’re just allowing you to bicker amongst yourselves lol


    Also former Umbrella (pre-Oculus bootlicking phase) member here, I say everyone does the opposite of what this guy says!

  8. 10 hours ago, Smitty256 said:

    All you are GK, is a spineless coward. You led your alliance into a war that you couldn't win. Into a win that even you admitted was a mistake. Then right before the war was going to end, you left and joined NG. You left what was left of your alliance to Johnny, to pick up the pieces. @Johnny Apocalypse I kind of feel bad for you. You have to pick up the pieces when the so called leader of Cobra hides in NG. You cant admit defeat so you join a bunch of rogues to continue fighting us.


    Now, I've seen you say this before in another thread and I don't quite understand why you feel bad for me? It's not like the crown was thrust upon my head at gunpoint and I've always enjoyed leading alliances of good people (regardless of what state their nations may be in after a war) It's far more fun than maintaining some middle-management office drone role where you have responsibility but no meaningful influence over your alliance.


    Pick up the pieces? Fairly straight-forward stuff that; get people aid, make sure trade circles don't fall apart and maintain an active presence in the community. Oh! The crushing burden of it all....


    And just for clarification; the current King of Cobra is not in Non Grata, he's right here addressing you. You can keep your pity Smitty.


    P.S. I don't think you seem to understand what a coward is: Cowards tend to avoid fights, not start them.

  9. 10 minutes ago, jerdge said:

    Thank you.


    On ballads and goblins, TBH I enjoy reading that stuff (am I a pervert?) although extorted artwork is rarely worth the effort. As such I'm happy that the term was dropped and that Tevron (I believe - thank you) wrote it himself nonetheless.

    I remember seeing it somewhere relatively recently, it was all but bad.



    I must admit I did find a bit odd that the victors wanted their opponents to write their history, but hey ho :psyduck:

  10. 1 minute ago, Tevron said:


    You are continuing to distort facts. We took off over half of our initial terms and reduced the tech deals when your buddies had offered nothing except white peace. I also told you many many times that the tech deals were an alternative that we had found unsatisfactory and that you could easily replace with something else. Have some good faith, you're not GK. Maybe you should go re-read logs. Revisionist I am not.


    You removed the apologies, the joke name changes and the ballad singing of your triumphs but the tech 'deals' remained. Eventually you came to your senses and dropped them. We then met in the middle with an admission of defeat in lieu of white peace.


    I'm not entirely sure of the point of debating this. The hatchet is buried, no?

  11. 10 hours ago, Canik said:

    I believe you weren't even part of the tech deal talks. We have a good laugh over COBRA/TIE thinking they could get white peace so soon. xD

    The threat you posed? No, that wasn't the reason. It was more the accepting war deserters/rogues and wanting peace for them as well, the TIE dishonoring it's treaty and all the other !@#$ yall pulled that historically and understandably would lead to harsher terms and/or a harder time making peace. It's the same reason we demanded the first terms and all the terms. If you guys had been more like SRA peace would have come much much easier. You're very lucky Kashmir had a treaty with Polar and after 5 months Polar finally convinced Oculus that yall had been beat on long enough. Yet EVEN THEN, COBRA's actions were bad enough that they still supported us demanding an admission of defeat from COBRA. To put that in perspective - Junka would do things that made things harsher on SNX at times but they got peace much sooner, much easier. They didn't get easier peace because SNX's enemies were nicer. They got it because they didn't do so much !@#$ to give them a reason to keep going as yall did with us. You guys were literally worse at making peace than Junka. 🤣

    "The alternatives presented from your side did not suggest to me that a meaningful peace would emerge by agreeing to them."

    Why not? 


    Regarding the threat we presented to you: I don't think Tevron would appreciate me log dumping private conversations that clearly indicated this sentiment from RFI, so I will refrain from doing so :) (Alternatively if it wasn't due to the threat we presented; you could enlighten us all on why you asked for a controlled demolition of our warchests?)


    Regarding you demanding apologies: You don't demand an apology if you want it to mean anything. If someone is genuinely repentant they will apologise of their own accord. Building them into peace talks as a means of humiliating your opponent? Doesn't exactly foster the "goodwill" I was hearing so much about you guys wanting to generate.


    Maybe we are lucky that Kashmir has a tie to Polar, they fortunately had the ear of someone with a bit more sense than yourselves. I would imagine we were lucky in the same way that RFI are lucky that Legion are tied to Polar. That is probably why your coalition partners got so irritated when Kashmir ended up engaging someone other than Legion; Legion were seemingly allowed to hit Kashmir with impunity, the rest of you however.....


    Maybe you're lucky that Polar only decided to lean on people with actual influence to get you to drop your ridiculous surrender terms and nothing more. After-all, firepower was allegedly offered to both Kashmir and Legion.


    Regarding the "Alternatives" - They did not engender goodwill or meaningful post-war resolution because:

    a) The tech deals were forced, there was no economic benefit to us really, it would be more apt to refer to us as "tech slaves" wherein you gave us enough money to buy your tech and enough left over to buy a shred of infra and severely cripple our rebuilding potential.

    b) They required us having to constantly engage comms with you to arrange these deals post-war; when the war ended I wanted to be able to cease diplomatic relations with yourselves, not drag them out even further. It would have fostered even more resentment between our two coalitions.


    The controlled demolition of our warchests? You think that leads to a meaningful peace? That's just spiteful.


    We got our peace, and we didn't have to pay you with anything other than words. I'm good with that.


    9 hours ago, Tevron said:


    You were in no way related to peace talks until weeks after they had begun. There were other alternatives offered. I was obviously frustrated that you wouldn't reduce the tech deal terms, since by your own claim the Cobralition had intended to do exactly that but never sent the offer because of an internal breakdown of communications... I don't see why you're leaving that context out here.


    White peace isn't an alternative term by its definition. 



    Bring it on ;)


    Oh Tevron, you know we both spoke at length about this. Is it revisionism time already?


    Agreed, I was not related to the peace talks directly until they had begun, but I did have an input on the coalition dialogue before I was put in charge of negotiating the peace on behalf of Cobralition. (Meritocracy > Bureaucracy 😛)


    Sure, we discussed the possibility of a reduced amount (as we also discussed the viability of all the terms presented to us) and there was indeed a breakdown in comms in communicating that. On the whole however, none of us wanted to agree to any sort of reduction short of an entire reduction, as a result we decided against countering with a reduction. They were not "tech deals" that you presented as far as we were concerned. They were reparations designed to hamper economic prosperity by enslaving our aid slots, there was no "goodwill" to be generated from agreeing to such terms so we rejected them. You reduced the amount from 75,000 to 70,000 at one point -which quite frankly was insulting- and if that was the level of reduction you were expecting, I felt there was ultimately no point presenting you with a reduced amount which you would actually accept so we decided to aim for what we actually wanted; White Peace. We knew you wouldn't agree to it, but we also sure as hell weren't going to agree to shipping you 70,000 technology, or change TIE's AA name to "X-Wing", or allow you to demolish our warchests, or write you a 1,000 word ballad depicting Cobralition as Goblins and you as mighty heros (and come on, what kind of heroes get their opponents to write about their valiant triumph against some goblins?)


    It was quite funny tbh, the amount of times you called me a poor negotiator because I wouldn't present a figure as a counter-offer. Yet here we are today at peace and we're not shipping you tech at a rate of 6/200 or whatever the rate posited was (I know it certainly wasn't a fair one, I would need to check logs) Even you acknowledged that my decision to not present you with a reduction made sense from a negotiator's position in light of the communication-breakdown.





  12. 19 minutes ago, Tevron said:

    Keep changing history. You were told to come up with an alternative to tech deals AT THE BEGINNING of negotiations and could not. We proposed several alternatives you also wouldn't accept. Instead you opted to fight until it was an admission of defeat. What's the point in lying about this stuff?


    I believe the alternative to tech deals that we presented was White Peace.  I remember this because you got awfully frustrated that my suggestion didn't involve a simple reduction of tech to be sold, rather that the term be dropped altogether


    So this was rejected and we opted to fight until you dropped the tech deals. Then you returned with idea of a controlled demolition of our warchests because of the 'threat' you claim we posed (or maybe not you personally, maybe you spoke for someone else in RFI at the time). We rejected this too.


    The alternatives presented from your side did not suggest to me that a meaningful peace would emerge by agreeing to them.

  13. 3 hours ago, kingzog said:

    I think that going forward, all threads should reflect the demographic changes forced upon us by the sheer passage of time. A hidden sub-text to the conversation, if you will. We're discussing foreign affairs but what we're ACTUALLY talking about is how we as nation rulers literally manage to get enough sleep each night, what with all of the soul-crushing realizations that come with middle age.


    Speak for yourself old-timer ;)


    I agree though.

  14. 12 minutes ago, DeathAdder said:


    A group of people repeatedly posting in a thread to make it look big in order to give the appearance of activity doesn't make it active.


    I don't think that's entirely why people are posting? Sure, I am making threads to encourage activity but I don't think the rest of people are responding to threads to "make it look big", I think they're actually just after some discourse.


    17 minutes ago, DeathAdder said:

    You specifically insinuated in your OP that Pacifica had issued gag-orders. Let me assure you, we have not. The membership simply isn't interested in you. Sorry.


    " The Day Today has received some enlightening intelligence from the Blacklist Coalition who, being utterly incapable of stepping to Non Grata and their sympathizers on a public forum, have initiated a gag order to avoid embarrassing themselves any further. "


    I did not name any specific alliance- that's just your hubris showing.


    Also I would like to again refer you to the screenshot of you specifically messaging us to ask us to not talk about Non Grata's flag. Clearly there was some interest, otherwise you would've continued your usual non-involvement in world affairs.

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