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  1. So far we have a couple prospects, but nothing set in stone. Still entertaining offers and proposals.
  2. USA is looking for a partner. We are not looking to be absorbed.
  3. Got you an embassy set up and applied for one on your board.
  4. I joined the board, and waiting to be masked. I sent a message to their top nation for a link to their forum.
  5. Thanks for bumping my thread with your posts, but unless you are interested in a merger, please don't reply anymore. Thanks.
  6. Sometimes there are small alliances out there that don't have protectorates and/or lose leadership. So I was just giving them the chance to merge with a small alliance and not have to be "absorbed" by a large alliance.
  7. The United Southern Alliance is seeking another alliance of similar size to merge with, share resources, and swap knowledge. We are currently 12 nations with a total NS of 158,697 and an avg NS of 13,225. If you are interested or know someone who might, please pm me. Thanks George Washington - President United Southern Alliance (USA)
  8. We are now offering recruiting bonuses to anyone interested. Please PM me in-game for details.
  9. I wanted to add, we are now an official protectorate of Sparta.
  10. Thanks, and if you ever need a home............... All are welcome!
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