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  1. RT @JordanChariton: Yes, because @CoryBooker, who funnels money from oligarchs and then passes their legislation, cares about Democracy htt…

  2. RT @AxonPunk: Had a wonderful day at @FIRSTAIDCOMICS doing demos and meeting new friends with the @SugarGamers. Even our buddy @kennethhite…

  3. RT: Same #DOStatus https://t.co/TAUQfF3fBW

  4. @oncor Thanks for turning back on my power of the 75243 zip code in Dallas, TX! I was actually mid-report when it came back on. #poweroutage

  5. RT @AxonPunk: Dallas Ambient Music Night. ? https://t.co/m7AQuB3MXW

  6. Download a Bear! https://t.co/wyBFRgyHLs Browse like you're in another country! @theTunnelBear https://t.co/29nH82FXNv

  7. @SamiaFOX10 Based on his acceptance speech, is Trump really a centrist-left Democrat in disguise? FDR-style New Deal? I was for Stein tho.

  8. RT @wikileaks: Julian Assange's internet link has been intentionally severed by a state party. We have activated the appropriate contingenc…

  9. @HyperSFlamingos -Hunter- here again! I have a suggestion for your minicio farm. Here's what I did in my world. :) https://t.co/0YbVohnBxI

  10. I #Demexit'd the #DNC to go #GreenParty as a #BernieOrBust supporter because we are treated like second class citizens. #JillNotHill

  11. @cenkuygur @TheYoungTurks Who tf was the special guest? Email was sent two days after the RI primary. https://t.co/Qo5IDgVpFU #DNCleak

  12. With 50% reporting, the UK has voted 51/49% to leave the European Union. I hope this doesn't spell the fate of November. #remain #brexit

  13. @VICE Please consider doing a piece on the looming FDA prohibition of vaping as I'm sure it will impact a good percentage of your viewership

  14. @ThatMumboJumbo https://t.co/d8SViON7YJ A tiled super-fast downwards translocation piston elevator I based off of Fenno's design. #redstone

  15. @TheYoungTurks Have yall covered the looming FDA regulations/prohibition on vapor products sold in the US? #FDA #CASAA #SFATA #HR2058

  16. Episode 2 - Super Tuesday Blues ? Wanna get Away ? #FBLOfficial https://t.co/rGU42Soiqx

  17. @UnrealEngine I emailed help@epicgames.com, should I wait for a reply or email the other one?

  18. Enter To Win Adobe Creative Cloud For Life FREE! via http://t.co/feGj8xVcgM

  19. "Your !@#$% is like the Neurax Worm with the transcendence symptom from #plagueinc. I worship it like a god." @daphoenixdiva lol #FunnyTimes

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