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  1. Drink plenty of water and dont snack between meals.
  2. The fire ants frighten easily but they'll be back, and in greater numbers.
  3. Camoflauge is the better part of discretion which, as everyone knows, is in turn the better part of valor. It does not follow, however, that camoflauge is the better part of valor. Lets not get carried away.
  4. The way to deal with birds is a multitudinous sneak attack. Some may say that thousands of ants moving will be hard to keep secret but to them i say this; there is a reason that 'bird brain' is not a compliment. Hordes of ants going 'over the top' with cutlasses clenched in their mandibles is a stirring sight to see.
  5. Must not sleep must warn others Trust blocks creep where the dust storm hovers I milk my habitat for almost everything I want Sometimes I take it all and still can't feel this pitfall in my gut
  6. Winter is coming. Soon those jerk grasshoppers shall taste the bitter draught of their folly!
  7. Treachery hides beneath every leaf and twig.
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