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  1. The Order of the Crown and Dagger is the ultimate starting alliance. With a sure fire deal to help young nations grow, including 3 Million in Starter Aid, come check us out!!
  2. Offering up to 3 Million in starting aid... come check us out!
  3. The Order of the Crown and Dagger is currently putting in place a wonderful Academy to get new nations familiarized with the Cyberverse. Applicants are more than welcome.
  4. Starting out on the ground floor of an alliance can be a rewarding experience! Put your own ideas into this young alliance and watch it prosper.
  5. Thank you. This alliance is a good place for larger nations to come and put their own spin on a new alliance.
  6. We are also offering AID packages to new members: From anywhere from $5,000 to $3,000,000 depending on experience and nations strength.
  7. Hello to the Cybernations community. The Order of the Crown and Dagger (OCD) is a new and coming alliance. Created before the Great War IV, the alliance fought and died out due to war constraints. Now, OCD is being born again! We are looking for people to fill the following positions: -Triumvirate (Minister of Military Affairs) -Triumvirate (Minister of Interior Affairs) -Secretary of Defense -Secretary of State -Secretary of Interior We also have positions open in multimedia, finance, recruiting, tech, and of course the military. Please feel free to visit our forums http://z3.invisionfree.com/OrderCrownDagge...dex.php?act=idx or on IRC #OCD -Dark Angelus Triumvirate of OCD
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