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    There's something I've been wondering about lately, and since I haven't used this option in quite awhile, I figured I'd bring it up here.
    But seriously, there have got to be some concrete rules or conditions a person should need to satisfy before they try and take a jab at people. After all, we've got stuff like this:
    Which, naturally, opens one up to stuff like this:
    Or even this exchange right here:
    So setting aside the why of these burns being terrible (we can all pretty much agree on that point), we need to come up with some set of rules that can save people from making bad comments like this. I mean, it's pretty clear that these kinds of posts accomplish about as much as trying to use a cigarette lighter to burn a bonfire, and end just as badly for the one attempting it.
    I think that this is a service that needs to be rendered for the greater CN community and would absolutely serve the greater good. Think of the many people who's dignity could be saved, were we to adopt a comprehensive ruleset for burning. They'd learn a lot, and our noses would be saved from the great risk of severe disfigurement which we all face on a daily basis with the present circumstances.
    What say you guys? What do you think needs to be done? And any ideas on how we could go about agreeing on these "rules of engagement"? I'm really looking forward to hearing about what others think on this vital and necessary subject, you know?
  2. TehChron
    There are those that espouse the mistaken belief that history is immutable. That memory is absolute. They use this fallacy as the hammer with which to strike down any and all attempts of those who try to leave their previous mistakes behind in favor of rising to a new future, one where those weighed down by past mistakes can reinvent themselves for the sake of their future.
    But, as I've been subtly suggesting, the argument is based upon a faulty premise. The past is far from immutable. Indeed, history is subjective, a thing open to interpretation, revision, and negation from the all-important now. All that is required to overcome one's past is the will to act as necessary, and the drive and imagination to see it changed to one's own liking.
    Some people think of this as double-think, that is incorrect. Double-think is the subjective interpretation of "now", rather than alteration of the past. Doublethink is a personal hypocrisy, whereas changing the past is simply "progress", as it were.
    I would like to see someone take this theory, and put it into practice. It's definitely fascinated me for some time.
  3. TehChron
    Hello again, Planet Bob, it's been awhile (again), and I just finished an 80s montage preparing for an epic bout with Apollo Creed. Which actually was pretty awkward, since exhuming a deceased fictional character is a rather tricky endeavor, only to punch him out.
    Thankfully there are no laws covering the desecration of fictional remains.
    At any rate, I'm back (again), and ready to slap everyone silly with my own particular brand of commentary.
    New and improved Chron, now with a lemony scent for when you want your threads smelling nice and fresh!
  4. TehChron

    That being said, the situation surrounding the UPN was somewhat ridiculous, and could only have been considered a valid CB for a war if one reaaally stretched it past the point of believability.
    I'm glad ODN did the classy thing as an ally, and settled it before UPN wound up writing a check it's Warchests couldn't cash. It's best to not let your hate blind you, as a Sith, because the moment you let that happen, you become weak and are therefore cut down by your opponents.
    ODN, thank you for doing the Sith thing and using subterfuge to get out of a losing situation. Victory through cunning, I approve.
  5. TehChron
    I've spent the past month going around to various graphics-inclined individuals for assistance to no avail. It's disheartening.
    I am attempting to have a .gif made as an avatar, consisting of two pieces of video, both of which are around 1 second in length, and the first being looped 2-3 times before moving to the second.
    I am making an open request to CN for graphics artists willing to lend me some help here. I even looked up accompanying bits of video on youtube, and have links and times available.
    It's just that none of the people I've spoken to have been able to do it.
    If someone's willing to lend me a hand and finally make this thing, Id be grateful. I honestly dislike having to take this step, but I really want that avatar made.
  6. TehChron
    A comment made in response to my previous entry regarding the definition of "reformation", which i think has an interesting relevance to the current Red Safari expedition being done by a large number of the New Hegemony.
    We have here an example of a refusal to recognize Pacifica as anything other than an enemy, as someone to be kicked and trod down upon by the New Masters of the Cyberverse for their own amusement, or something. So it seems all this talk of "waiting for NPO to reform" has ultimately been nothing but a blatant sham on their parts.
    The crass hypocrisy shown by alliances such as Mushroom Kingdom, which themselves trumpeted long and hard about how "justice was important, the NPO immoral and rabble rabble". And others who voiced the same message, but now are openly sitting back and watching this ransacking of an entire economic sphere continue.
    Going so far as to intentionally harm the health of the game, just for the sake of turning the screws to a single alliance you don't like?
    Thats appalling, and pathetically childish. I am aware that this is bordering on rambling, but frankly speaking, it's rather pathetic that those that professed morality as the justification for them being better suited to rule the Cyberverse, are themselves now resorting to justifications such as "at least were not as bad as the NPO" for these kinds of stunts.
    You're actively trying to kill the Red Sphere just because you want an enemy to fight against that badly? Are you just that bored? Go to war with each other already, or something, rather than systematically trying to harm the health of the game.
    If this were just about raiding, no one would be !@#$%*ing, but we all know what this is, and that it's being sold as something different is the utter height of hypocrisy on your parts.
    And before anyone asks, am I mad?
    No. Im already taking advantage of an excellent recruiting opportunity for the NSO, so thanks for that.
  7. TehChron
    This has been revisited again and again over the years, but I thought I'd point out again for the sake of posterity that the conditions under which the GPW came to a close were born of practicality, rather than morality. I would go into it, but Im frankly no historian.
    That being said, I do agree with the rest of the quoted comment. My question is, however, how do you determine what constitutes a sufficient reformation? At what point does it stop being a legitimate criteria, and become just an excuse to find a convenient target?
    The reason I ask is not a slight against my good friend (as soon as he adds me) Typoninja, but rather because, as a former Pacifican, that very reasoning was the internal justification used for a lot of Pacifica's curbstomps after the Second Great War. Specifically the War of Retribution and VietFAN.
    I think this is a fascinating parallel, and only hope that the new leaders of the world do not fall into the old habits of hegemony. That being said, where do you, the audience, draw the previously mentioned line of reformation?
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