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  1. I'm sorry but, have you ever been a part of a political system or even kept up with politics on anything other than a face-value level?

    Politics is all about using every bit of information to benefit yourself and your agenda. This game revolves around politics. Do you think that everything that I, and pretty much anyone else that actively posts (or posted in my case) on the OWF is concerned with 100% representing the entire truth of everything? No! This game thrives on conflict and political manipulation.

    If you really want to go OOC here, I'd argue that you are in this game for vastly different reasons than almost everyone else. If you're here to witness compromise and reason win the day, get the hell out now because you'll be disappointed at every turn. Essentially, this is what the world would look like if world leaders had no accountability for their actions, if they knew that even if they $%&@ed up, all that would happen is some numbers would go down and maybe up to a couple hundred people on the internet wouldn't like them as much anymore.

    That means people can play a lot more fast and loose with diplomacy and make their own rules, and I !@#$@#$ love it.

    What it also means is that the level headed peacenicks aren't the ones that are ever going to be policymakers. It's the brazen, outspoken, charismatic leaders that will rule the day, and I'd argue that Schattenman's IC persona definitely captures that sort of individual perfectly. It's a role he plays. Everything I say in the OWF, from denouncing random !@#$%^&* to making logical arguments for why people are hypocrites may sound good, but I really couldn't give 2 !@#$% about it because I'm PLAYING A ROLE in a ROLE-PLAYING GAME. If you think that roleplaying or the entirety of IC politics here is inane and worthless, then you're in for a really boring stat management game. It's the personalities that people put on when they play that make this game great, whether they be the level headed peacenicks (jerdge), the radical elder statesman (Archon), or the outspoken critic (Schatt), they all play a role that makes the game more interesting.

    I understand that you may not like the particular role he takes, but deconstructing the role and saying "I don't like this" does nothing to advance anything IC and shouldn't have any effect on how he plays. I may not like how you roleplay your dumbass dual wielding barbarian in our DnD game, but I'm not going to walk away from the table or interrupt the game to harass you about it.

  2. Once we can agree that it's a problem (which it IS, there's no denying that)....
    I deny it. My (current) nation is eighteen months old and I have fourteen Wonders.If new players are unable to grow quickly and start buying Wonders a couple of months after signing up, they're in the wrong alliance.

    Why would they sit there for several months when they can download a free MMO and be max level in that time? Or even a browser based game like BSG online? You can become more competitive more quickly in nearly every other game in existence than this one.

    I think the curve needs to be changed so that smaller nations grow faster than they do right now.

    Either that, or raise the aid cap from the age-old 3mil/50tech which as become obscenely outdated.

    The one thing I don't agree on is that seniority is a prerequisite for alliance leadership. While some alliances have fixed rulers for indefinite amounts of time, most alliances have a fluid enough electoral process that if you do lots of work, you can get noticed and elected quite quickly. I know I was when I first started, I ended up in a senate seat before I broke 1k NS.

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