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  1. It won't become a future thing because the SE-style consumable XP will be implemented; so hoarding XP should not be a valid strategy, unless, of course, I've screwed up the estimates and generals get sniped off less often.
  2. You can say what you want, believe what you will, do what pleases you. I could argue further, but I don't see the point of this kind of bitchfest; I never have, you know 100% I've pulled my punches on the forums in the past.
  3. Oh c'mon, I've already signified my intent to quit; do you really want me to stay around and beat the shit out of you for real? I've been treating you as nice as possible; from my point of view, in the long-term, you're an alliance I don't want to alienate. Hell, to acknowledge the fact that you were at war, we even targeted HL, making this effectively a massive updeclare; and immediately after the attack I talked to your representatives and apologized for ruining any other plans you may have and to some extent we've made accommodations. TBH, you've been a bunch of rude ***, but I'm not particularly distraught. It shows more to your character than it shows to mine.
  4. Ah, so you know, then.
  5. (what happened to Gairyuki's post?)
  6. Yup, aiming at performance over time is better than instantaneous performance. Instantaneous performance lends itself too easily to gaming; going for most destructive war means you get a huge warchest like you're a flag runner, get a WRC, then find someone else with WRC and a huge warchest. Just flag-running by another name.
  7. stats: Good hunting. Serrulata: 141,939 total strength 14,193.9 ANS ~24,000 infra 4 @ 4k infra 1 @ 3k infra 1 @ 2k infra 2 below 2k infra Specify Other: 1 @ 5k infra 1 @ 4.5k infra 1 @ 4.2k infra 1 @ 3k infra 1 @ 2.5k infra 1 @ ~2.4k infra 1 @ 2k infra 2 below 2k infra and above 1k infra 27,050 infra 8,285 ANS 173,991 Strength House Lannister 1 @ above 3k infra 1 @ ~ 3k infra 1 @ ~ 1k infra 9,478 ANS 56,865 total strength 9,210 infra
  8. Just a note: none of these are officially-documented features and procedures are subject to change without warning. The deletion script runs every 3 hours on nations that are at least 25 days inactive. If you are 25 days inactive, and the last time your nation collected was more than 25 days, counted to the second, when the deletion script runs, your nation will be deleted. As of right now, the deletion script runs at 1:30-1:31 AM every day and every 3 hours after that. As an example, say your nation is listed as having collected at 7:00 AM, and is currently 25 days inactive. When the deletion script runs at 4:30 AM, your nation will be passed over because it is 25 days inactive, but your nation's collection time was after the time the deletion script runs. When the deletion script runs at 7:30 AM, your nation is gone.
  9. Or maybe the entire tech deal structure is close to obsolete and pretty soon there will be no sellers left. ::shrugs::
  10. http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?/topic/118127-cyber-nations-game-rules/
  11. Is there a way to search nations by flags?
  12. Damn, I guess I have to pick a different target for tomorrow night. ::groan::
  13. Actually, that round, SUN's raid limit was 15 when The Ship came hunting the second time. TBH, what is The Ship's deal? SUN seems to give him an absurd amount of leeway.
  14. First all-max econ generals:
  15. It's a -25/+33% ANS downdeclare and a -32/+46% net NS updeclare. The opponents also have a TON more nukes than you do and the initial blitz was meh. With good play, I think RE / OP / Catharsis can turn this around.
  16. No bull? 1.1m for 3m/100 deal, 1.7m for 6m/200 deal. something like 1.8m for 3m/50 deal, 4m for 6m/100 deal. As a buyer, if you can get 6m/100, you should get it, but with the higher tech rates people want 6m/200 deals, and to limit the population of buyers people also want to use 6m/200 deals to keep sellers from reaching buyer ranges.
  17. I think this thread is dying down in interest; I think perhaps I'll extend nominations to August 14th, then give me like 3 days to do an evaluation of the nominees, and I'll set up bracketing. I'm not sure which forums I'd like to use to set up voting, but by August 21 we'll have a contest on-going, 7 days per round.
  18. Is the deletion script still running on time? Previously, the deletion script ran at 1:30 + x*3 hours, so typically nations deleted around then. Recently, it's been running at 1:31 + x*3 hours. Is this an intended feature / change or did I get it wrong all the time?
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