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  1. I wish GR a happy birthday in the name of the Republic of Serbia. Free Rakija and Ajvar for everybody!
  2. We obviously need a Serb Viceroy.
  3. I really cannot think of a better way to show your friendship. Thank you very much OBR. Special thanks to Arctic
  4. No !@#$. I had no idea I was nominated until... well, now. >_>
  5. Fail. If GR was a girl, GR would have three big boobs EDIT: Damn word filters
  6. I have a feeling that next update will be fun.
  7. But it's funny when other people suffer. Especially you.
  8. I thought our score will go up now that Bob is nuked.
  9. 6 more members to 200. LOL PINK TRAIN
  10. It's true. We do infra dealing. 100 infra for 3 mil. @MASH, RIA, MK and LoSS: We're coming
  11. I would like to add that this is a brilliant political move. Also, Vita likes 12-year old boys.
  12. what is this i dont even Sad but necessary. This is a brilliant political move. GOONS I request that no ODN post in this thread. lol, Pius Mods are biased. They are all NPO! Also, Hello. etc. Awesome war is awesome.
  13. Sorry, didn't see their DoW thread. I don't check these forums as much as I check the wars and stats pages.
  14. i r confuzd. did you really too stupid to choose to round? Yeah, I also think self-anarchy is a !@#$%*. Also, the TC's alliance wars page records 14 Orange Juice nations raiding you + 6 OJ nations raiding SF, making it 20 nations, with many of them performing attacks on multiple nations. That is 20 times more aggressive attacks than NAAC performed before the DoW. What's the matter? Too scared to fight two alliances at once?
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