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  1. Is it any wonder why there's no activity on the forums? There was a time where you could have actual discussions on these forums. The dominant community here defaults to base insults and mocking about "tears". It's toxic to the community.
  2. Im displeased with my own alliance, for bungling their dow. There's certainly no explanation for why this wasn't included or given to our members. No sense in hiding that fact. That's more than you'll get from NG I imagine.. none of this means Stewie should be let off the hook by either us or his allies. All in all, I've been mocked as much as I have had attempts to seduce me to your side. Is it really any wonder I'm polarized? I have nothing against, but if I have to agree that NG is blameless in this encounter for you to like me, then it's not worth any effort.
  3. Is the intentional spread of disinformation on planet Bob commonplace these days? Moreover, is someone who would intentionally spread disinformation trustworthy? I mean, I'm sure he's not intentionally spreading disinformation on to his allies, right? I'm sure he only spreads disinformation to people outside of his sphere who wouldn't give him the time of day anyways.
  4. My relationship internally is such that I do not believe I would be lied to. I have more than good reason to believe this. I may look the fool now, but I believe that will come to pass.
  5. for the record. This is not known to me.
  6. The "proof" that is submitted here is the precursor to a longer conversation. The exchange being our Casus Belli. Some of you are clearly under the impression that this is the entirety of it. I don't even think that Stewie is attempting to convince anyone of that. Perhaps I am mistaken, but I'm done debating this until such a time as everything is made publicly available.
  7. Ignored because the narrative you are spinning is so preposterous I didn't even consider anyone would try.
  8. I'm sorry, This is supposed to be our Casus Belli? Ridiculous. I asked for all of it. That is what I was waiting on. As I've said, it's what they won't share that will damn them. Do you actually believe that this is what we declared for? Amazing.
  9. It's impressive the speed with which you reveal the full depth of your abilities.
  10. Your concern for me and my alliance pierces my very soul </s> No one is looking to stop me speaking my mind. If we are in the wrong, prove it. There is no fear on our side. If consequences are deserved, lets have it so we can be done. I have good reason not to believe it.
  11. Noob? debatable. Clueless? Remains to be seen. Subjective to flattery? Nah. Understands the subtext behind "great spirit?" Definitely not.
  12. Why do you even ask? If it is so agreeable to you, why do you not simply share it? Do you expect me to back down? Perhaps it's not what you share that will damn you, but what you withhold. If you've nothing to hide, then lets have it all.
  13. That was, of course, my point. Your ally was trying to spin this as if they had won. They had not. An incapable alliance would not bring so many allies to bear. To suggest that an alliance is weak simply because it has a powerful coalition is ridiculous. Does a person wronged fight toe to toe in the streets, or do they seek justice from the powers that be? They are only upset that they are outmatched. Nothing more. They will play the victim. What other avenue do they have?
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